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1st good news to report in AGES: My CA125 dropped 200 points after 1st round of Avastin/Cytoxin!

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Today I had my 3rd Avastin infusion, but don't have the results yet of the CA125 labs I had taken just prior to it. But I did get my labs taken last week just before my 2nd Avastin infusion, and my CA125 is down 200 points after the 1st round of Avastin/Cytoxin. I know that Avastin can cause your CA125 to go up and down pretty wildly, but my chemo oncologist said that he is very encouraged by this early indicator, and if he's happy, then I'M HAPPY! After a series of failed chemo drugs and disease progression to share, I am so happy to have something positive to report! (My CA125 is still a horrifying 1275, but that is 200 less than it was last week!)

I got Avastin 3 weeks in a row because my oncologist wanted me to have a big push at the start of this new chemo regime. Now I will start getting it every other week. I take my Cytoxin as a daily pill, so I dusted off my passport, am packing my Cytoxin, and am leaving on Friday for a short vacation in the Dominican Republic with my oldest son. SUNSHINE, HERE I COME! My chemo-onc okayed "no more than 2" glasses of wine each day on my vacation, so LOOK OUT, WORLD! After being a tee-totaller for so long on constant chemo, I'll bet I'll be incoherent on 2 glasses of wine!

I love how I feel on this Cytoxin/Avastin and I soooo hope it's working! I'm going to enjoy the happy news, no matter how fleeting it may end up being!

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So happy for you Linda

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So very happy for you.....you go girl and enjoy.

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Good for you Linda, it is wonderful to hear you have some good news x

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I am thrilled for you!!! Enjoy your vacation and the warm weather. Thank you for all of your postings and advice the past few months. It meant alot. Safe travels. se you when you get back....val

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Any drop in the 125 is reason to celebrate. Have fun and try to block everything else out for a few days. And "cheers" to you as you raise your glass of wine.


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Linda, that is wonderful news. I am so happy for you. It is time that the good news started coming your way. Praying all the way for you.


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This is FANTASTIC news. you are an inspiration to all of us...Have a great time in the Dominican....

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What a wonderful result... wow... 200 points! Have a wonderful trip with your son in the sunshine.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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Great news, Linda. My mother had 8 rounds of avastin with no trouble. Better yet, my bro and wife went to an all-inclusive resort in the D.R. last month, and they said it was wonderful. My sis-in-law has scleroderma and needed to be in a warm place, and it did the trick. Have a wonderful time!

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Fantastic, Linda !

20 more years...


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It is sooo good news, Linda. Very happy for you. Have a great vacation. O! And glass or two of cold good wine after hot day. Enjoy!!! (((HUGS))), Zina. :)

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Have a great vacation it sounds wonderful ! And good news to take with you even better, see you when you get home .

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Linda, I'm so happy for you. Have a great trip!

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I'm so happy this is working for you. Have a wonderful time on your trip!


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I am so HAPPY to hear this!!!!!!!!

No one deserves this any more than you, Linda - not the decrease in numbers, or the vacation, or the wine. Enjoy them all!

I am on a 3 week break from the vaccine trial and trying to plot a short getaway to the West coast, although we are not short on sunshine here. The weatherman says Saturday we will see 80 degrees!


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