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Does it happens to you?

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I'm in a rest of chemo since 2 months ago but there is a thing that drives me really uncomfortable!, I still feel clumsy ,awkward , slow, some problems of photo sensibility on my eyes and a bit of vertigo! unstable over all! . It's been more of 2 months since I am off chemo, does it happened to any of you?.
Thank you for your responses mates!.

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it took me at least 6 months being off chemo before i started getting some things back but thats just me i had a really hard time with it.everyone is differant..Godbless...johnnybegood

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Talk to your oncologist. One of the rarer side effects or 5Fu is that can disrupt the cerebellum which is your balance centre. It is important that he knows. Ron.

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and it has sent me reeling of sorts. I am 2 1/2 years (almost) out of chemo and I still have trouble. My oncologist had to write me a note to keep in my truck in case I get pulled over. Because there is no way I could pass a sobriety test. And I am a nearly 20 yr sober alcoholic. I played video bingo the other day on Facebook and it was really hard for me to keep up watching for the called numbers on my 3 cards. I work on my center of balance on the Wii Fit and also with some yoga moves. I am not sure if it helps, but I keep trying. (Except when my depression gets really bad and then I do nothing.)

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Great avatar you little semi colon!

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I have a polo shirt with this on it. Nobody in the general public gets it.

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Pepe.....I finished Folfox 4 months ago and still have slight balance issues. I notice that I hold onto walls, cars, furniture when I walk. I feel more comfortable pushing a cart when I shop.

My peripheral neuropathy isn't actually painful, just feels like cotton stuck on my feet and my hands tingle. Hopefully this will get better.

No photo sensitivity that I have noticed, but I have pretty much been indoors most of the winter.

The fatigue has still been bad, but I am able to stay awake more these days.

I have been going through CT SCANS and other fun stuff involving lots of needles recently, so I have had a bit more anxiety than usual. Colonoscopy will be on Friday.....not looking forward to the preparation.

Hope you are feeling better.

Take Care,


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then boom lung met, but the strength I had regained help me through the surgery. I think I am back to about 80%...may be all I get dunno, don't care,,,long as I don't go to Stage 5 all will be well............buzz

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Sometimes when I walk my dog I catch myself almost falling over. What's up with that? sorry that you have that problem with balance too Pepe but, glad to hear that others have the experience. I just blame everything on chemo. Makes me feel better .... hahahaha

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male nurse all through chemo. He and his wife have become family friends. I have talked to him about this issue and he says there is no manual for it. It does not matter what your age, race, gender, physical fitness... does not matter. People react as their body dictates. Some neuropathy damage goes away quickly, some people never recover, some get better somewhere in the middle. The same goes for the chemo brain, balance issues, fatigue... pick a side effect. Very aggravating, but it is better to know that it is not just you.

You may want to check out the Long Term Effects message board, too.

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I am still a little clumsy after Folfori and Folfox. I have to really concentrate when I'm kicking the soccer ball with my 5 year old. The other day I tripped over the ball and fell right into our retaining wall. I'm glad my wife wasn't there to see it.

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Glad to know that I'm not the only klutz around here! Sad, though, to discover all the many things chemo has done to our bodies and minds.

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I am 2+ years post chemo and I continue to have problems
neuropathy in my hands (really bad in my left hand_
my gait is off and I trip on creases in the carpet
bad eyes- I wear reading glasses all the time now- I also have to be really careful in the cold with my eyes, they feel like they will freeze
mouth issues- very sensitive skin inside my mouth. Things like carbonated soft drinks BURN
arthritis- I have had one thumb joint replaced, the other one I am trying to avoid. Both of my knees need to be done.
I believe we all have permanent changes from the chemo, some more so than others.
I also was pretty sick on chemo- all of the above were issues while on chemo, they just are not as severe.

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