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side effects from lymph node removal

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just wanted to know if anybody has tenderness from having lymph nodes removed but not under your arm.I'm real sore everyday i cant hardly reach out in front of me w/o experencing pain.Surgeon & oncologist says that its from surgery it doesnt go away.Anything that i do i can feel it very uncomfortable.

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My surgeon suggested some light stretching and physical therapy moves to help the muscles get back to normal. Here are a few pages I found that may help ( the 2nd one looks really good and has pictures and descriptions of the exercises ).

Just remember to work within your comfort zone so that you don't damage anything while trying to get your range of motion back.



Hope it helps! Sue

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It's almost 3 yrs for me since nodes and lumpectomy...I must say I am not sore but can feel node area when reach or stretch...just like a reminder but NOT pain...

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for me--a little more than 1 year post op. I had 23 nodes removed, though, so I feel like I'm doing pretty good. I've done exercises (climbing your hand up a wall) and stretches and been to PT. It definitely is much better than before, but I think there will always be some pain/tightness on movement. But--if that's as bad as it gets--I will gladly live with it!

I hope you get some relief.

Hugs, Renee

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and time .. it does get better. Little by Little, day by day. Please see if you can get into a physical therapist, and they help with can help with your areas of tightness .. PT's will also send you home with pages of exercise to be done between treatments. LOL

Good luck .. and Happy healing!

Strength and Courage,

Vicki Sam

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