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another from the mouths of babes

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ok remember this is day 4 of being housebound because of the freakish weather we are having in Texas... watching the Ellen DeGeneras show my daughter (10) asks me, does that lady think she is a boy or what?

Not sure how to answer that one LOL

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Oh the things a 10 year old can say. I would have to say, answer it honestly, after all, kids can be brutally honest with us at times. Gotta love them kids :-)
Miles of Love,

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a little back ground first, i shaved my head 3 weeks ago becouse i desided chemo was not getting my hair.

my 16 year old daughter bought me a very nice hair brush set for christmas, any who shes in my bathroom this morning doing her hair and turns looks right at me and asked me if i have used the new hair brush set yet?

I laughted so hard i cryed, she just looked at me confused and then started laughing with me. got to love moments like that.

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