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For those of you that remember Robinvan (Rob in Vancouver/Rob Pollock) he is having some pretty serious surgery this week. It will take place over 2 days.

If so inclined, go over to his blog, eblogger, A Cancer Journal, you can find in if you search and you can read about the surgery and if so inclined, leave him a note of encouragement.

Scroll down to October and you can see him at his daughter's wedding. He was so happy the docs were able to fix him up so he could attend and walk his daughter down the aisle. He was beaming.

Take care all - Tina

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thank you for posting this.

Hugss, thinking of Rob and hope and pray he gets through the surgeries safely.

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Hard surgery as per l see on his blog!
Sending vibes and prayers!
Good luck Robert!

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Thanks so much for posting this. I left a note for Rob on his blog. It was very thoughtful of you to keep us updated on this.


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I have missed Rob and his smile on this sight since he left. I looked on his caring bridge the last time we spoke of him, Tina. Thank you for the update. I will post him a note today.


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My thoughts are with you as you go through this surgery. I am hoping total success for you.

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I went to Rob's blog. I wanted to leave a message for him, but couldn't figure out how.

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When I left him a message I think this is what I did. At the end of the entry, click on comments, you can leave a comment as anomymous, right side of the screen it says leave a comment, just sign your name and that you are from the CSN board. It won't show up right away so don't worry.

Just wanted to let the board know what Rob was going through.


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You are the best; thanks! I have left a post, we'll see if it "takes".

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I had forgotten how to get to his blog but just did a search on "Rob Pollock blog" and it came up on the list.

Thanks again for keeping us uptodate.

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thanks Tina....what a beautiful blog.....I have missed Rob


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I know Rob checks in to this site from time to time so I just want to say


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Can you give me the address the (http://....) to his blog? I have no idea where his blog "eblogger" is. Rob lives here in Vancouver and we were going to meet up, then we just sort of lost touch (life being busy for both of us and all) and I had no idea he got sick, seriously sick. So I would like to reconnect with him if possible. We live in the same 'hood for heaven's sake!


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Sending you a PM.

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Have touched base on his site recently - we had communicated but his illness has taken a serious turn, so I have not heard from him.

Would love to hear from him and what he is having to have done, boggles my imagination - that's pretty heady stuff and I can only wish him the best.


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