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Back in the battle :(

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Here's what my Doctor said and what the plan is. My cancer has metastasized to my bones and it looks to be localized in my spine T9 and L4, this is not common for triple negative to go to the bone, however, mine has. Today at 1pm I will check in to the hospital for an MRI of my brain (precautionary, I'm not having any symptoms). On Monday I will start radiation (10 rounds I think) mostly for pain control. After rads, back on chemo, because of my neuropathy I'm limited on the types of chemo, the IV choice is out because it's like the taxol that already fried my hands and feet, even part of my arms and legs. So Xeloda it is, this sounds like a better deal anyhow, it's in pill form and you don't lose your hair :) Thank goodness, it just started getting long and thick. In addition to rads and chemo I will go on Denosomab, which is a bone hardener. All of this is providing my brain MRI comes back clear.
The news is not the best but it sure could be a lot worse. First of all I'm triple negative and TN likes to go to the lung, liver, brain...therefore I'm fortunate it's not there (praying the brain MRI is clear), I think bone mets are really treatable. I'm not a big fan of now being stage 4 but as recently read on here, it's only a number, right....On another good note, the cancer is in it's earliest of growth (my pet ct was clear 3 months ago), Doc says the spots are very small. My original diagnosis was left breast, all nodes, inner mammary node, supraclavicular node, stage 3c, after 4 A/C, 11 taxol, bilateral mastectomy, both ovaries, immediate reconstruction, and 25 rounds of radiation, all complete last April, this next round can't be near as tough as the above.
I'm sure I will be posting all kinds of questions for all of you regarding the new treatments coming up and thank you in advance for being here for me, I love all of you and hold you all close to my heart. This news is sad for me but my heart aches much more for our dear Lorraine and the rest of my "Kindred Spirits" who are suffering at this time. I'm continuing to pray for MamaG!!
With all this being said, I'm in good spirits considering and I'm ready and willing to fight this beast one more time!! I'm only 39, my daughter gets married in June and my son will graduate next year, Mom needs to be strong, fight and stick around for those beauties of mine.
Mountains of Love,

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Fight the fight. Sounds like you and your doc are jumping on this quick. Think I have some questions for you. What were ur symptoms? Bone pain? My problems is I have back. Issues prior to cancer. Moderate scoliosis with 3 levels of bulging discs. Sciatic nerve is also impenged. It worries me cause what if cancer is hiding in there. I see a neurosurgeon on the 16th.
Im sorry this is not about me, and you're just starting this battle. My prayers for strength and courage. From reading your posts you seem to be a strong lady. I pray for everyone here. Special love and prayers to mama. Keep us updated kari. Tight squeezes,Katz

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Yikes Katz, that's a painful back you have :( To be honest with you, I never thought twice about my back pain, last thing I was thinking of was cancer because, as I stated, TN don't usually go there. It was the pet scan that picked it up, thank God for those pet scans!! I was on a schedule of a scan every three months, I managed to get two clear scans and then this. As for the pain, it's like a pressure/ache that doesn't go away, it's constant and tough to get comfortable, where my typical back pain I could get comfortable and it would come and go. Rads are supposed to relieve that, that's why she is doing them right away. It's tough when you already have back trouble, but if I were you, I would pay attention to the pain being different or in another area, maybe ask your Doc to do an MRI, this would at least give you some peace of mind. What type of BC do you have?
Tight squeezes back at ya!!

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Kari, I'm sorry about the bone mets news. But as always, you're coming out swinging, and I really believe you're going to win this round too. And Katz, I think Kari is right and that an MRI would be a good idea to give you some peace of mind. God bless you both!


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I totally agree with Joe. You will win this battle Kari!

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I have stage 3c with 28/38 positve nodes. Er+ pr- her2+.
Yes the back thing has been going on for over 3 yrs now. Work, home to heating pad. Going to see a guy on the 16th. Had bilat mast, think I would do that again before back surgery. Scares me. Hoping I havent done permanent damage.
Praying for you. Glad it was caught early. I get a pet scan in 3 months. It will be my first. Wonder if they can tell the differance. Will it "glow" where the surgery is? Mmmm Good luck next tuesday. Hope it helps with your pain. Tighter squeezing,Katz

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It's so good to hear form you on here!! Hope you are doing well, at least as well as you can be :) And yes, swinging I am, all those years of taekwondo (not to mention 2006 SD state champ in sparring) I will be kicking too :)

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I KNOW you will beat this Kari! You are a strong, beautiful, courageous young woman and I know you have the will to get through anything.

How could you not? You have all of your pink sisters praying for you!

Sue :)

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You the very best Kari...and sending good thoughts and prayers...this sucks! I'm triple negative also..question ..in reading your above post, were all of your lymph nodes Positive when you had your surgery?

Kari, I know words can seem hollow but please know we do care...hoping that brings some small comfort...
Hugs and prayers,

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To answer your question, yes, all of my nodes were positive.
All of the words do bring me great comfort and I'm so grateful to have all of you!!

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Never lose hope. Sounds like they have a plan to put bc back in it's place. You have two motivating events coming up and that's great.


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So sorry you have more of a battle but you know what?? You can do this...I love you and your determination. You are a true inspiration to me and I'm sure many others on this board.

Take good care of yourself...get ready to be the mother of the bride and watch your son graduate. Two wonderful, fun things to look forward too.



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I was hoping for better news but like you said there are many positive points and I love how you pick up on those and plow ahead. I think that is soooo important. Your daughter and son are just super inspirations and they are going to have a wonderful momma around for a long time! I know that in my heart.

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I wish you didn't have to go through this. I'm glad it was caught early. As you know attitude is everything, so kick cancers butt and we'll be there cheering you on.

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You have all of my support and prayers Kari. You are a strong willed pink sister and I know you will get through this!



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I'm triple negative also and Taxol did a job on my feet. Oncologist put me on a medication that is beginning to help. Have you tried any meds? I did 4 A/C 4 Taxol, bilaterial mastectomy with immediate reconstruction and start radiation today.

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so we can all gear up, you didn't think we'll let you go into battle
alone, did you?

You are one strong lady and we are all here for you. I am glad the
pet scan detected it early. Still it's not what we are hoping to hear.
But let's gather all out positive vibes and focus it on your brain
scan, you have a wedding and a graduation to get to for heaven's sake!!!

LOTSA love,

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Posts: 1596
Joined: Dec 2009

so we can all gear up, you didn't think we'll let you go into battle
alone, did you?

You are one strong lady and we are all here for you. I am glad the
pet scan detected it early. Still it's not what we are hoping to hear.
But let's gather all out positive vibes and focus it on your brain
scan, you have a wedding and a graduation to get to for heaven's sake!!!

LOTSA love,

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Kari, I'm sorry to read this news, too. I'm so glad that you found your way back to the board so we can hold you hand and assist in getting you through round 2. You have the BEST attitude and if that counts, you're a winner already. Plus, you have some pretty important dates coming up so let the fight begin. Sending strength, courage and much love to you.

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I am just so sorry that you have to go through even more treatment. And yes, I know several stage 4 sisters, who are going strong and ever-so-willing to share their optimism and fighting spirit with all! That is very comforting!

I will keep you in my prayers and will ask that your upcoming MRI be CLEAR!

Mountains of love back at ya!

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I am sorry to hear the news of bone mets. However, I think there is a lot of positive in this as well. As you said, TN is usually more aggressive and hits the organs and brain. Your met areas are small and radiation is usually effective. Many bone mets survivors live with it as a chronic disease to be manaqed. My good thoughts for you as you begin your new treatments. Hopefully this will knock out the areas of concern and allieviate your back pain, too.


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Kari - so sorry to hear of this development. You have such a positive attitude and you are always giving support to everyone else on here. Please know that we are all pulling for you and we know that if anyone can manage this, you can! Hugs and prayers - Linda

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Your positive attitude is truly inspiring. I'm so sorry you have to gear up again so soon, but of course you will have us all with you every step of the way.

Big Hugs,

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Jean 0609
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Sorry that you have to go through this. Stay strong and keep your positive attitude. You have a lot to fight for. Congratulations on your daughter's upcoming wedding. You need to be around to see your Grandchildren. That is a true blessing and something to look forward to, even if it's years in the future. I will keep you in my prayers.


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It won't be easy--but nothing worth fighting for is easy. I love your amazing attitude. When you get weary--lean on us and those two beautiful children of yours. We in this with you all the way.

Hugs, Renee

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I'm sorry that you have to buck up for battle again Kari. Your strength and determination and attitude are inspiring, and they will get you through this. I'm in your corner, sister. Sending hugs :) Now i'm gonna go send u some love on FB ;)

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Double Whammy
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Be strong, Kari. You have many things to look forward to, and it sounds like your mets can be put back in remission. Sorry you have to go through this again, but this is why we have follow-ups, to nip things in the bud. Sending well wishes, prayers, and positive thoughts.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I'm so inspired by your strength, determination, and courage. Thank you for sharing that with us. Know that you don't face this alone...know that when you need it, we'll send that strength, determination, and courage right back to you. Because that's how sharing works.



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Dear Kari, I am sorry to hear that you must fight again. You seem like such a strong, positive person. I just know you will win. I will be praying for strength for you as you beat cancer down once more. Love, Eil

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helen e
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I'm sorry that the news wasn't better but keep fighting the good fight and we'll keep praying for you. Sending lots of hugs your way.


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Sorry to hear about the new dx. There is so much spunk and spirit in your post and I'm sure that will carry you through the next round of treatments. It's good to hear. All my best to you and know we will be here for you.

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I am sorry that you had this news but I am truly inspired by your attitude. You are right there ready to get this done and while a strong attitude won't get rid of the cancer it will certainly help you in fighting it. You are very focused and you are facing this headon. Doesn't mean you don't have worries but you are taking it a step at a time and dealing with it as it comes. Very good strategy. I will keep you in my prayers and good thoughts. Others have said it much better than I but we are all in your corner and rooting for you. GO FIGHT WIN


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Mountains Of Love..how completely appropriate, Kari. My heart is with you as you get ready to do battle; it is obvious that you are as ready as any of us can be, and the strength, empathy and courage of the Kindred Spirits can only help bolster your resolve.


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I'm so sorry Kari. We are all behind you, with you and supporting you!

Hugs, Kylez

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Dear Kari, this sucks! My thoughts and prayers are with you and please keep us posted. But, to give you hope, I have had bone mets for nearly 2 years now and I'm doing well. Not curable but treatable is what I tell myself!

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Kari, I'm so sorry to hear that you have to once again put on your battle armour to fight this damnable thing! But I believe you have such a great attitude and will prevail... I can't answer any of your questions, but I can offer you lots of support. Will be celebrating with you when you watch your daughter walk down the isle and your son take his graduation walk... actually my youngest son will be taking that same walk next year too, we can celebrate together.

Hang in there my friend.

~Hugs & love,


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Hi Kari,

You sound like the kinda woman who always comes out best in a fight...and your "bring it on" attitude is so so inspiring....I wish you all the best and will be thinking of you!

Lotsa love


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Oh Kari, I am so sorry you have to go through this again. It sounds like you caught it early and intend to wipe it out. I am so proud of you to come out swinging like you are. You are a true inspiration to us all. You are in my prayer and thoughts. When do you get started. We are with you all the way. All my prayers love and thoughts are with you. Take care darlin

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im sure you will kick the beasts ***! you are amazing and brave, i am proud to be your kindred sister. I am glad they caught this so early.. of course i will pray for all the best for you dear.. Good luck and God bless,

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Sending lots of love, hugs and prayers for you Kari!

Hugs, Angie

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Sorry to hear about the bone mets. It sounds like they found it pretty early. Good luck and positive thoughts.

Marsha Mulvey
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Sounds like your spirits are high and that is great! Being positive may not cure cancer, but it helps us through the mental part of the journey. It seems as though you caught it early and that too is good. Best wishes to you as you begin to manage this disease and hold it at bay!

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sorry to hear it's gone to your bones. It does sound like you have a plan though. You will get through this treatment too! My SIL lived 10 years to see her daughter graduate from high school and college, her 1st grandchild born, etc. You'll have many years to celebrate all that may happen in your family. Wishing you positive thoughts and outcomes.
{{hugs}} Char

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Hi Kari, I too am bummed to hear of the bone mets but it does sound like it is in the really early stages and that you have a good chance to get it under control so that you can be free of pain and have many, many years with those children of yours. In an effort to give you hope let me tell you that I had a relapsed in my sentinel node and chest wall that put me at stage 4 in 97 when my children were yet teenagers, lots has happened since then and with each year we survive they only get closer to finding a cure.

Big Hugs!


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too many things to do, there's no time for this. I would think that all the time...I'm a Mom, I'm busy!

As mentioned dear Sister, this sounds like it was caught super early. I'm praying everything else is clear.

You are a strong lady with a lot of fight! Congratulations on your son and daughter!!

Blessings and hugs!


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Christmas Girl
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... this type of news, Kari. Yet, it's good the mets have been caught very early. And good to already have a game plan in place.

We're all here for you, incuding many (too many, even one is too many) also fighting their second battles. Just as you inspire us, I hope those like our dear RE - who's fought and won more than once - inspire you.

I'll hope that your daughter's wedding will include a victory dance for you. And that you'll stand tall and proud at your son's graduation.

Kind regards, Susan

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so sorry you have had to rejoin us! I took xeloda since May just today was informed I'll be switching. Watch your hands & feet I had an awful reaction to it my skin peeled and burned it was off in layers!!! Paiful. Then my onc cut my dosage back so it wasnt that bad. Keep us posted!!!

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Keep fighting, no matter what. Mountains of love back to you. xoxoxoxo Lynn

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I was sad to read that you have had to get back in the battle. It sounds as though you are ready to put up a real fight. Of course you want to fight hard so you can have the joy of seeing your daughter get married and your son graduate. I will keep you in my thoughts and be with you when you need some extra strength.


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Barb A
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Kari, I'm sorry you are going through this fight again. Your spirit is inspiring. I have a friend who is going through this a second time and her diagnosis is similar to yours. She is doing great and so will you. Stay strong. You're in my prayers.

Barb A

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