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Found help to fight neuropathy with Taxol treatments

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Hi - I tend to spend a lot of time on the internet before I start a new chemo drug. I found quite a few women who had taken L-Glutamine to prevent the neuropathy that is so common with Taxol. I started it and am 8 treatments in ( 4 more to go ) without any symptoms of nerve problems. You need to take 30 mg / day ( which sounds like a lot, but so far it's worked ). I take 10 mg the night before chemo, and then start chemo morning with that day's 1st dose. I take 30 mg each day for the day of chemo and 2 days following. I hope this info helps !

Hugs to all,

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Hi Sue,

Just curious. Did you consult your oncologist before starting the L-Glutamine supplements? What did he/she have to say? Thanks.

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Hi. I did check with him .. he said that it sounded like a large dose, but that it would be harmless to me ( and would not interfere with the chemo ). He also pointed out that there are no definitive studies that show it's effective. I had heard so many bad stories that I decided to give it a try and stick with it. So far so good :-)

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L-Glutamine when he replaced taxotere with taxol in my last 2 chemo treatments. In fact, there was a pre-printed sheet of information on how much/when to take it. I bought the powdered form at Whole Foods and took 30mg--1 in the morning, next at about 2pm and the last before bed.
I still had bone pain (I also had a neulasta shot after each treatment), but it wasn't as bad as I had come to expect, so I guess it helped.

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