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Update !!

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Well Family----just got out of Hospital after 3 weeks due to strep-pneumonia infection in the plueral, right side. Very rough--collapsed in ER with severe pain and could not breathe, was on supplement oxygen for a week.

I am now home on IV antibiotics for a month, then I will have a CT Scan, then my new doc's think they can remove my upper right lobe and I will be NED.

The lymphnodes showed no cancer remaining, right upper and maybe middle lobe with tumor can now come out according to my thorassic surgeon.
I already had 1st round chemo and radiation this June through Nov., 2010.

The new Docs think I was classified incorrectly as a IIIB, not operable, they wish to change it to IIIA and then there will be no reason not to do Vats on right lung in say March.

We will see !!!!!!!!!



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Well, certainly hoping for all the best for you!

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Wow, you have been through a rough time. I am glad you are home. This sounds like the tx did its job and now you may have it surically removed, which is great. I hope you feel better and better everyday. Lori

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Sounds like good news. Hope everything goes well for you. Best of luck and god bless.

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