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last day of treatment

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Today was it. I am finished with treatment for my cancer! I made it. The last three were as my doctor promised, minimally painful, with minor skin irritation. Now I get to concentrate on the rest of my healing. I want to comment on something very postive that you all have mentioned at one time or another. And that is how amazingly quickly we start to heal after radiation is complete. While I was in the hospital during week six, my skin breakdown healed almost completely in a a matter of days. With the last three zaps only targeting the anus, I am only a few days away from being able to wear underwear again. Although I have some pretty ugly scarring going on, running down my thighs and groin area, I almost feel like before - exterior wise - I have yet to fully determine what has been going on interior-wise, but am sure as trauma settles, I will find out. Was given my graduation gift, a little angle pin to wear, oh and my vaginal dialator. Kind of scary looking, but necessary I'm sure. I was told to wait one more week before I start using it, so it will sit ominously on my bathroom counter awaiting my attention.

I want to thank everyone for your encouragement and support throughout this ordeal, but especially during the last three treatments when I didn't think I could or would go on. Because of you, I did, and I will never have to look back and wonder if I did all that I could to cure and keep this nasty cancer at bay. Thank you so much.

I will continue to write on this board as my healing begins, and I struggle to find my new "normal", because I can't imagine getting back to the old "normal". I'm changed, this has changed me. And it's all good.....
Hugs, Darcee

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Congratulations on making it through your treatments. Yes, this is life changing, and yes it is good changes. It really gives us a totally different perspective on life. Let the healing begin, take it one day at a time. I know for me I felt I should have gotten my energy back quicker then I did, and the healing should have gone faster, but once I got perspective as to what I truly had gone through I knew I was silly to think that. It does take time but it does happen and believe me I feel better now then I have in a heck of a long time. Even with what side affects I face, I over all feel like a whole new person, and am truly counting my blessings for everyone who was on my team to get me to this point.

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Hi Darcee, Good for you and the completion of treatment. Let the healing begin. It will be slow and steady but only better from this day forward. Initially, all of the effects of the radiation will have come to a head. I believe after about a week there will be noticable improvement. I wish you well Lori.

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I also want to wish you congrats on finishing your treatments. Yes the outside healing goes very quickly, the inside a little longer but it does get better. Yes we have a lot to be thankful for. Take care and keep us updated through your recovery.


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Congratulations!!!! You made it!! You did it!!

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I'm so happy for you, Darcee! Congrats on being finished--now let the healing begin!

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Congratulations, let the healing begin.
Peace to you,

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Congratulations Darcee, good to hear you are done with treatment and now can focus on healing. Marilyne

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to you for finishing!!! So proud of you... you finished the last days despite of all you went through. You are one tough cookie. Heal fast and take good care of yourself! I have 4 more days to go....

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So happy that you finished Darcee. Healing thoughts are being sent your way!

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