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3 Weeks after Colon Resection

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My mom had her colon resection surg. 3 weeks ago. Today, she ended-up in the emergecy room with terrible pains in her lower right side. After a CT Scan, nothing showed (thank god). They said it could be her liver acting-up. She will call her Colon Dr. in the morning. Has anyone had any similar syptoms after there Colon Resection Surg? Thank you - Liz

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Yes, I had a similar problem.

It turned out to be an infection. Was in the hospital for a couple of days with IV antibiotics, then was fine.

Like your mom, they did a CT scan and found no problems.

Marie who loves kitties

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Thanks Marie. My mom will start chemo on the 18th of Jan. so hopefuly this wont change thing too much. Although, I'm not looking forward to her starting chemo with the the possible side effects.

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I ended up back on the hospital after just getting out. Three days after getting out I spiked a fever of 103.7 with lots of pain. It turned out my colon resection was leaking into my abdominal area. Doctors said if I waited another 24 hours I probably would have died. So I'm very glad you went and had things checked out.

Bobby in Dallas

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I did, but my pain was in the left side. I had a blockage and had to be hospitalized for that. I'm so glad your mom got checked out, and I hope she will improve dramatically soon.


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