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People operated and currently NED.....

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Have you done any further post op chemo? for how long ? what stage where you?
Interested on that matter!
Thank you in advance!

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I was stage 3+,and did chemo,and radiation at the same time.I had surgery in july 2008,and have been NED since.during surgery they took the tumor from my tailbone,the part of the colon it had grown out of,11 lymph nodes,my appendix,and my rectum.I was supposed to do follow up chemo,but I was to weak.Now I see the chemo doctor every 6 months,and get a cat scan every year.This year I did 2.I have a permanent colostomy,but I'm not complaining.My brother died of pancreatic cancer 2 months before my dx.I hope this helps.

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i was stage 3.dx in sept.2008 i had 5 weeks of radiation and xeloda pills.surgery to remove tumor in dec 2008. colostomy for 5 weeks then had reversal in feb.2009.5 out of 10 nodes where effected so i did 10 rounds of oxi and 5fu witch was given every 2 weeks thru a port.when finished had port removed.i have scans and colonoscopys once a year and currently NED....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Congrats for your NED!

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Hi Pepe, My husband was diagnosed November 2009 stage IV. He needed a heart stent placed first because he had a 100% blockage on one side of his heart, and 70% on the left side. They opened the left side. Second was radiation and chemo to shrink the colorectal tumor which was very close to the rectum. It was shrunk enough that they did not have to do a colostomy when they did the surgery in March 2010. He had two months to recover from colon surgery and then had a liver resection. The entire right lobe was removed and several spots on the left lobe were located and removed with microwave ablation. At that time there were no visible signs of cancer left. Follow up or mop up chemo was started late because of set backs with infection and a return to the hospital, but when he was strong enough he started the 5-FU with avastin. He had to stop the avastin because he was having serious nosebleeds and even had to have emergency surgery to stop one. He is on three blood thinners because of a clot and because of his heart and leg stents. I don't know if the delay in chemo and dropping the avastin is the reason, but the lesions on his liver are back and growing. Tomorrow we see the oncologist to make a plan for what to try next because obviously the 5-FU with avastin is not affective. He feels fine, we go out to eat, go to the show, spend time with friends and family, have gone on more great short trips in the past year than we have in the past 10 years. We are disappointed about the cancer showing up again and growing, but we have become much more settled into the fight. As long as there are options, there is hope for more time. So we keep trucking along. So that's our story thus far.

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Thank you for posting April.

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Stage 3, oral chemo and radiation for 6 weeks, resection, Folfox treatement 9 rounds, then reversal. Last chemo 8/09.


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I was Stage IIIB Colon Cancer and had surgery on Jan. 7th 2009 plus 6 months of FOLFOX. I completed all my treatments and have had good reports ever since. That's 2 years cancer free as of this Friday.

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I had post op 5fu+leucovorin for 10 treatments (in two weeks), together with radiation, for stage 2a rectal cancer. No sign of recurrence for 5 years.


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I was st3c into 6 of 13 nodes. 5Fu and levamisole every tuesday for 48 sessions. started 3 weeks after surgery. Was operated on 22jan 1998. No signs of ca since .officially cured of that tumour ,just have to have a scope every few years,Ron.

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Stage III rectal, pre-operative chemo/rads to reduce the 2 inch tumor on my rectum to try to save the spinchter...

I can't say I didn't have post-operative chemo...I started treatment for my primary stage II breast cancer exactly 6 months after the surgery for my bowel cancer...and that involved Adriamycin/Cytoxin/Taxol...so, it's hard to say I didn't have post-op chemo...it was just for another cancer...and some chemicals are cancer specific...who knows?

July 2011 (this year) will mark 5 years post treatment on both cancers. I have not, to this date, had a reoccurance on either...even tho both were in the lymphatic system...

Hugs to you, my firey Spaniard!


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I was stage 3 Colon Cancer with 2 lymph nodes involved. Folfox for 6 months.
Cancer free since 2005.

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I was Stage IIIC Colon Cancer and had surgery on April 5th 2009 plus 6 months of FOLFOX. I completed all my treatments have had 4 clear scans since.

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Thank you Pepe for asking this question. I got my stage 3C diagnosis with nodes on June 21,2010 and really love to read about these NED. I can't wait for my turn to say it!


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"Have you done any further post op chemo? for how long ?
what stage where you? Interested on that matter!"

And now... the odd-ball:

Stage 3c/4; 7 out of 28 nodes involved; fist-sized tumor grown
through one section of colon and into the other section, with a
complete obstruction. Told that cancer was (likely) throughout
my body, noting lung "spots". Prognosis of 3 to 5 years provided
I do chemo, and -0- if I did not.

Had the operation to remove tumor (twice due to surgical error),
and had infections. Surgical wounds took 6 months to fully heal.

No chemo, no radiation; I used imported medicinal strength
Chinese Herbs instead. No special diet, no side effects, no
chance of second cancers due to treatments, no neurological
problems, no nausea, no discernable added expense.

My initial operation was in October of 2006; I have had clean scans
and blood tests after taking the herbal treatments during 2007.

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Oh my gosh, your post was so interesting!......as I am up and getting ready to go to chemo :(

The :( was for me, I'm going to come home from ctc and read your profile!


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Diagnosed 10/2007 (age 42) Stage 4....5/24 lymph nodes positive and mets to my left ovary (right ovary not removed at original surgery as they did not expect the left ovary to have metastasis)
I wanted the other ovary taken out but the medical onc and gyne onc felt it was more important to start chemo.

I did 6 months of FOLFOX and Avastin. I was to continue the Avastin alone for 6 more months but ended up with a pulmonary embolis and had to stop :(.

November 2008...slight uptake on PET on left ovary....enough to convince my onco to let me have it removed. Looked normal at surgery but pathology confirmed metastasis. No chemo post surgery since my pelvic washings were negative and I think they wanted to save chemo options for the future(I sure hope I never need them) The thought is that the left ovary met was present at original surgery ...not a reoccurence and that the chemo kept it a bay.

All scans since then have been NED! Though my CEA (which is not a good indicator for me -normal at diagnosis) has been doing some quirky things.

I have made dietary changes that I know have helped but thank God every day that HE has given me the opportunity to watch my children grow older.


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Kenny H.
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Was 3a, 5 weeks rad & xeloda tabs. Tumor shrank but was right on spichter muscle so had to have rectum removed. Surgery 9/15 for perm colostomy (glad compared to before miseries) 6/37 nodes positive so started 12 rounds of Folfox in Nov of 2010. 5 down so far and all blood work looks good, had a 2.0 CEA last test. Not sure totally NED yet.

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When dx in june 2010 i was told stage 3, had 6 weeks chemo 5fu and radiation. Shrunk the tumor by 50% then surgery APR 5-6 weeks after surgery I was told pathology repoted no lympnode involvment at all and the tumor had not penetrated the wall.???? I was confused and i think all my doctors were a bit confused as well. They said it could have been the early treatments or it could have been stage 1 all along No way of knowing now but I was NED after the surgery and remain NED today. Doing 4 months of 5fu and oxsaliplatin to be sure we kill any cell that may be lurking in the blood. I'm now living with a perm colosomy but i'm living.

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Nana b
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Stage 4, Colorectal surgery Nov 2004, 7 lymph nodes affected. 3 months of folfox and avastin, liver resection April 2009, 3 months of folfox and avastin. NED since August 2009, but officially June 2010, since I was NED since liver resection. Hernia Repair February 20120

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John, how or where can I go to read your blog?

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Click my name, and on the "profile" page, click on "blog".

You'll get the full postings when you click on "read more".

Drop me a note or PM if you need further info.

Thanks for taking an interest!

Best health!


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What's the names of the herbs you use?



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The list of herbs, the amount I used for the decoction (broth),
the minimum/maximum to be used, the amount I used, etc., are
all in the "blog" section of my "profile" page.

As I stated on the blog, and always insist, if anyone plans to try it,
they -must- have a TCM physician, or qualified herbalist to call
if any unusual problems arise. They're medicinal strength herbs, not
grocery store varieties, and have all the potency of any other drug.

TCM (or the use of any alternative) does not remove the need
for standard medical check-ups and tests, nor does it remove
the need to have a western medicine physician to go to. You
don't need to give up one science to use the other, and they often
compliment one another in practice.

Good luck, and better health,


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Diagnosed stage III B Dec. 2, 2008. Resection surgery Dec. 5, 2008, 6 months of Folfox 5 ending June 23, 2009.

I am grateful to have not had one bad checkup, I have currently graduated to now having bloodwork every 6 months now, and do not have to go back to Onc until June.

I feel great, it is almost like it never happened! Thank God! Good luck to everyone!

Fight for my love
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My husband was dx with rectal cancer stage 2a in May,2009,had pre-operative chemo and radiaton,downstage to stage 1 from pathology report after surgery at Sep,2009.The oncologist suggested adjuvant folfox chemo which he did,finished all the treatments in April,2010.Now he is still on 3-month follow up,one-year anniversary ct scan came back clear in Sep,2010,all the blood work came back good.Doctor calls him robust.He is doing ok,except fatigue from time to time.I am pretty happy as long as he stays NED.

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Dx'ed Stage III colon cancer, lymph pos (2/19), zero mets in 2001. Was advised to do adjuvant chemo of 5-FU and leucovorin. That was the standard protocol back then.

I opted to NOT do any chemo. My sister died at 33 of intestinal cancer after having radiation and chemo. I watched what it did to her. I was only 39 with 5 kids (nursing a toddler at the time) and I said NO THANK YOU.

Instead I chose a rigorous, yet holistic approach to healing from cancer and I have never regretted it for a minute. My protocol was based on both The Gerson Method of juicing and Traditional Chinese Medicine combining the best of both diet (juicing and vegan macro) with herbs, massage, acupuncture etc.

I have remained cancer free for 9 1/2 years.

Best wishes.

peace, emily the juice chick

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Diagnosed with Stage IV November 2008. Had 5 Folfox infusions and then had liver/colon resection and HAI pump implanted in February 2009. Did 9 months of FUDR in my liver pump and 5FU. Last chemo treatment in November 2009. Have been NED for 21 months (next scan in January).


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surgery,12 rounds folfox and avastin, still on avastin.have been ned each petscan. am having some symptoms now and will see doctor Monday. he will probably do petscan again. stage 4.

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Hugs! Hope it is nothing! l pray for that!

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Nana b
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I had same symptoms and I was fine. Swollen lymp node went away on its own sweating is getting better tried hormones but decided not to use them

I also had a persistent cough, slight asthma.

All good now.

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dx 12/08. 7 rounds of folfox, stopped due to reaction 5/09. 3 out of 30 positive lymph nodes. Surgery within two days of diagnosis. See onc every 3 mos, c scans now 6mos/colonoscopy yearly. So far so good. Interesting thread. Pat

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Resection 9/09'....NED since...Did do 12 rounds of adjuvant FOLFOX(only 8 Oxi.)


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Nana b
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My dates are all wrong, the years at least

Dx 11/2008
Colorectal surgery 11/2008
Liver resection 4/2009
Last chemo. 8/2009
Hernia repair 2/2010

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Had rectal cancer found on November 26, 2008. Chemo/Rad two months January and February, 2009. Surgery on March 26, 2009, don't know what they did as my surgeon is great and anything he said was fine with me. Had temporary ileostomy and know the rectum was removed and had j-pouch made. Chemo Folfox was given after surgery for "insurance." Reversal on November 9, 2009. October CT scan was NED.


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Husband diagnosed stage 3B, did 6mo chemo after surgery. 3mo later discovered spots on his lung and was back in surgery, officially stage 4. Chose not to do chemo again. Changed his diet, consulted with an herbalist and started taking supplements. So far so good, been NED almost 10mo. Hoping for many many more.

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Bump up

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In 2007, I had my first routine Colonoscopy. A malignant polyp was found and removed (March 9, 2007). (I had no symptoms at all.)

For two years, I had sigmoidoscopies every 3 months - all with good outcomes.

On March 10, 2009, outpatient surgery was recommended. A cancerous lymph node was found behind the benign scar tissue.

On May 15, 2009, I had a Low Anterior Colon Resection. Six inches was removed and another positive lymph node was found out of 16. Staging was Stage III due to the lymph node involvement. No Tumors were found.

I was given the most effective and aggressive adjuvant chemo (Folfox) and then changed to Xeloda. NO radiation. I completed chemo on December 25, 2009.

I have appointments with the Oncologist every 4 months and the colorectal surgeon every 3 months. Currently NED.

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I seen you post of facebook today, but alas, I couldn't read it, so I didn't reply back!!


I was stage IIIB, sugery on December 3, 2009. Folfox until June of 2010, Cervical cancer found and hysterectomy in August of 2010. Currently NED. Seriously, I was NED after the first surgery, the cervical stuff just snuck up on us. :)

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I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in January 08, had surgery to remove tumor as well as 6/24 nodes with cancer...finished chemo in August 08 and have had clear scans since surgery and chemo...Just approaching my 3 year anniversary on the 18th and had my scan last week and all was clear..my cea level was 0.

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My husband was stage 3c 10 out of 28 nodes. Surgery was May 2006. clear pet/ct scans



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Stage 3 , resection june 09. 6 mths of chemo after surgery with a break in between for ostomy take down. last chemo infusion was 1 yr ago yesterday.. Petrina

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