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Just been diagnosed with lung cancer with liver spots stage 4

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I would just like to ask if I should get 2nd opinion.I just went last week for the brain an bone scans both came back clean no cancer.Went in monday she gave me my blood test results they were all normal an she stated my liver readings were normal also.So i'm starting to have dought they diagnosed me correctly.But I start chemo monday an I don't know if I should put off to wait for 2nd opinion.Thanks for taking time to read.An to all have a good Christmas an a happy New Year.God Bless.

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I would definitely go for a second opinion. Chemo therapy is a huge decision. Since what you said above it seems things are normal. Read my expression for more.

All the best to you. Rose

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...must be a friend of Lillya's, srpetre, and benzthere!

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WOW and to think i went through chemo and rads when all i had to do was eat garlic and hot peppers(darn) ... The shame is some people will actually believe this. ...Dan

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Glenna M
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I'll take the chemo and rads anyday...the heartburn would kill me - LOL

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Here's the website for the book being touted...my, doesn't he look like a trustworthy fellow ;-) Definitely doesn't read like one, though!

The saddest thing is, he actually has 385 followers. At least three of which are posting here and on Inspire (if they're not actually all the same person!).

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The good doc must be a BILLIONAIRE! Wonder why he couldn't afford a better mug shot...er picture for his book.

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Good day and I hope you had a nice Christmas. I am seeking a second opinion although I have no reason to think my diagnosis is wrong. I wanted a second opinion regarding treatment. I am of the belief that with a daignosis as serious as cancer, I should at least know what options may be available through top-notch medical treatment centers.

On the other hand, when I hear of garlic and peppers, well, there is not much time for a second opinion. After all, the shelf life of fresh peppers is not that long, and eating a rotten fesh pepper, while curing cancer, can cause servere gastrointestinal maladies. I stick to fresh Ginger (the one from Gilligan's Island), and I know I will be cured! :)

Have a Happy New Year!


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Holy Super-Duper Quickie Cancer Cure, Batman!

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Hot peppers and garlic. I realize desperate times call for desperate measures. What I don't realize is, if anyone is that desperate, why not choose the measures that have shown clinical success ??? Like modern medicine. Just a thought.


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Oh, and for less than the cost of a night at the movies !!! YEAH


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