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Just wanted my family here to know

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the lung biopsy Tuesday came back positive. I don't have a lot to say right now, but will let you all what my plan ends up being. Mulling around a lot right now.

all the best, Leslie

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Hugs to you, Leslie, and prayers too. I know it takes some time to process it- I'm sorry to hear the biopsy was positive. Doesn't mean the end of the world- there are still several options for you to deal with this.

Take care-

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Nana b
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I'm so sorry to hear that Leslie. Dang it! Take your time, then come back and kick some arse! Be hopeful, thinking about you!

Big Hug!!!!

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I am sorry the biopsy is positive, Leslie. I hope you will let us know what the plan is once it is in place. I am thinking about you.

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Hi Les,
I don't know you but your now in my daily prayers. I hope you feel better man.

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Sorry about the bad news. keep us posted on your next step.


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So sorry that the biopsy was positive.

I know you have lots to think about.

Just remember we are all here for you and praying for good solutions.


Marie who loves kitties

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I am so sorry the biopsy sucked. Please stick in and keep us updated as you can because we really care.

Best wishes coming to you from my heart to yours.


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I'll be thinking about you girl. Been thinking about you for last couple of days.
Prayers and hugs your way.
Winter Marie

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Leslie....take some time.....that is so crappy

come back when you can


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I'm so sorry for your news. There are options for you but it still has to be hard on you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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So sorry to hear that. Yes, it takes a while to process.

I have had solitary lung mets three times so if there is any experience I can usefully share -- when you are ready - please let me know. Of course others on this board also have experiences.....

Thinking of you --


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Praying for you Leslie. Be still and rest til you're ready. We're here pulling for you.

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Kerry S
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This is when you say “Ok cancer, you had me a little POed with your crap before, but now you got me damn mad. I be going to kick your *** along with the horse you rode in on.”

My prayers are with you darlin. (Yeah I do that to) Somehow I don’t think you will need them. You can handle this bump. Trust your gut feel.

The first tractor I ever drove was a MF 35 we got when I was 12.

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Mull around for a bit and then get on with it. I'm sorry about the positive biopsy. I will be praying that you get a good plan in place. HUGS!

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Kenny H.
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Joined: Aug 2010

Sorry to hear that. Concentrate on your next step 100%

Kathleen808's picture
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Oh I am sorry to hear that it was positive. I know that is such a blow. Know that even if you aren't posting we are thinking about you and praying for you. I know your plan will be a good one.


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Sorry to hear this news, wish there was something I could say to help. Just know I am thinking of you. Petrina

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I'm so sorry. I know it scares you. I'll be praying for you, and I hope you can work out a good plan of action.


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and it occurred to me today that I was living a country western song "the hubby came down with the flu...the dog broke her jaw... the windshield got cracked by a rock from a semi....on the highway...and then they told me I have the Big C....and we don't got our Christmas tree...." Though am not going to win any Grammy for my country western songs, been trying hard to keep laughing. I will let you know when the plan gets sorted out. Right now grateful for my medical and support team (which INCLUDES YOU GUYS!) who are taking good care of me.

love, Leslie

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@Leslie: that sucks that your biopsy came back positive...I'm so sorry. But I have faith in you and I know you are strong!!! The holidays are coming up, you are going to be a present to your loved ones and show them that you'll be there present for the next 10-20 Christmases...or, if they want to get rid of you, tell them they can't! :) Good luck and I will definitely want to hear about you and what you decided.
All the best to you,

Posts: 3692
Joined: Oct 2009

You are smart to use humour dealing with this. Our Christmas tree just went up tonight. When I was growing up, sometimes we didn't get it until Christmas Eve - it would be ~ $1.00! Now it's a little more. Take good care, Leslie, I am thinking of you.

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Leslie, you're gonna be okay, I just know it.
You got some bad news, yet you just put a smile
on my face with your country song. : )
Sending strength and positive vibes your way!


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Sorry about the scan result and particularly the timing. Hang tough mate,wishing you the best .Ron.

plh4gail's picture
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Sorry you got that news. I will be thinking about you.


KathiM's picture
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not the best news for you, but I'm sure you will straighten it out!

Please let us know if there's anything we can do....

Hugs, Kathi

msccolon's picture
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Joined: Oct 2004

I'm so sorry the biopsy came back positive. I pray for comfort and strength for you, time to get your head wrapped around this latest news. I know you will come back fighting as soon as you absorb the shock.

CherylHutch's picture
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Sorry to hear about your biopsy, Leslie. I'm not sure, but I must have missed some previous posts, so I'm not sure where you were at before this biopsy. Were you NED and this was a routine scan or something and they found a spot on your lung? Or is this a new spot amongst others?

Hehe... I don't want to go giving advice or anything without knowing what's going on, but I think what the others have indicated above... there's no need to panic because of this biopsy. Easier said than done, I know. I'm a great one for telling people to take deep breaths and no need to panic, etc., then I go and get the results that my chemo seems to have stopped working and a couple of growths in my lungs have started growing even with the chemo. So do I take a deep breath or two and say, "Soldier on!"?? NOOOOOO! I panic... "The sky is falling, the sky is falling! OMG! This might be it... this might be the end!!" Uh, hello?? Nowhere did anyone indicate this was the end and my oncologist is not concerned, she just says she thinks it would be best if we change chemos, but yes, she thinks it would be a good idea that I have a break between chemos. She said an 8 week break should be fine... if I wanted a longer one, that would be ok too, although if I wanted 6 months or longer, she would think we are playing with danger then. But 8 weeks to rest, get over Christmas, get a port inserted... and away we go. A plan... we have a plan. And that's the important thing... having a plan.

Sooooo, advice... take a deep breath. Crack a couple of jokes. And work it out with your oncologist what your plan will be.

If it is a solitary nodule in your lung, depending on where in the lung it is, you might want to ask your oncologist if you would be eligible for an RFA (radio frequency ablation) procedure. Those are the most amazing procedures... you go in, have it done (sometimes with a general anesthetic but depending on where in the lung it is, sometimes you just need sedation) and you are home the same day. No pain, no fuss, no muss... and the little bugger gets zapped so that all that is left is scar tissue... which over the next year will end up being absorbed.

Oh darn it... there I went offering an opinion/advice without having a clue what is going on. Ignore my babbling but know that I'm thinking of you :)


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know your plan , im sure ut will work hugs and prayers!.

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Sorry to hear this Leslie. On to the next phase.
Take Care

lizzydavis's picture
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We are here for you and You will get through this. Another challenge - You can do it. Please keep us updated.

Sending you lots of good thoughts and love,


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love and hugs your way.

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