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Dang I lost it again

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Posts: 3642
Joined: Apr 2010

Where did the confidence the happiness go???
Shoot, lost it again.

herdizziness's picture
Posts: 3642
Joined: Apr 2010

I just lost it for a moment or two.
It's back.
It's Okay, silly moments in our lives we go through.
Winter Marie

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Posts: 1238
Joined: Oct 2010

Your post's, thought's, humor, good wishes to other's help give me courage and strength. You have an amazing way of sharing your honesty. Thank's for that!


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Nana b
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Joined: May 2009

You have the strength...

live for today and it will take care of tomorrow. People tell me that I should not be so blunt when I say that I may not be here tomorrow, but, you know...I mean it.

I have prepared my mind to go, not that I live in fright, nor am I sad. Nor do I want to go. I just know I have today. I may think down the road to Christmas, possibly New Years, but not too far past that. It hurts my family, and it's not that I talk about it everyday, but every once in awhile, the conversation goes to, let's go in and buy a beach house. Let's plan for Italy in two years. I can't do that.

Any way. I hate cancer. I hate CEA testing and scans.....but it's a process I have to go through. And I have to eat my greens, because it will give me energy for today, and maybe it will help me lose a pound for tomorrow.

My rambling......good night. Love you Baby J. I will see you one day! Nana!

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tina dasilva
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Joined: Sep 2010

Best wishies for you and live one day at a time thats what we all can do the ones living with cancer and the ones who are not just ohne at a time lot of hugs Tina

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