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detection of colon cancer

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As a person with prostate cancer, I am aware that early dectection for all cancer types is critical.

I am 67, eat a low fat, high fiber diet. I've had a colonoscopy in Jan 2005 with no growths detected.........I wonder what is an appropriate time period between colonoscopies.....I live in south california....is there a skill set that I need to look for in a doctor when getting a colonoscopy.

I recently saw on TV, that there is a new test; one that looks at the genes in the stool and may be used to detect colon cancer..........is this procedure considered investigational, or is it appropriate to substitute for a colonoscopy.

By the way , my brother is 62 and has never had any testing for colon cancer......what do I need to tell him?


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I don't know what the docs recommend, but I think that you are due for the colonoscopy since it has been almost 6 years.

I am not aware of the new test you referenced. I am not sure that all cancers 'shed' and if not would not be found in a test like that.

As for your brother, if he buys insurance of any kind (car, life, health, home) then he should take the time out for a colonoscopy and get a bit of insurance on his body. Not all persons who have colon cancer have any visible signs or symptoms.

Just a suggestion, why don't you and your brother make it a 2 for one...schedule the procedures for the same day, then afterwards celebrate.

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is the test you are talking of the fecal occult test - it can be used as to detect blood in the feces. I don't think it is a substitute for a colonoscopy, however. Here in Canada most agree once every 5 years for colonoscopies at age 50 + up. Good luck!

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