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Test results are in - not good

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Last week George has his CT and PET scan. Saw the onc today and the news is not good. There is progression both in the lungs and liver. George did Folfox last year with very good results, went on to 5FU and Avastin for the last 40 plus weeks but I guess it just stopped working. No progression to bone, brain or anything else. Should see an interventional radiologist tomorrow then in the next few days a needle biopsy of the liver to insure that we are not dealing with something new. Then they will restart heavier chemo, don't know which one yet. Hope is to get this under control again.

Needless to say the news was devastating and it has been an emotionoal, tough evening, he was doing so very well.

Take care everyone - Tina

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Many good thoughts and prayers being sent George's way. I hope it gets under control again SOON.
Winter Marie

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I know you will get your head wrapped around this news soon enough and get into full battle mode, I'm just very sorry you are facing this news. It's always so devastating, but this can still be won! Stay strong!

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Tina I am so sorry to hear this news! You and George are in my prayers!
Take care,

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I'm sorry that the news was not good. I will pray that you guys get this under control. HUGS

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but I am convinced George will have this under control again. The good news is, now with the scan results they can adjust his chemo appropriately. I honestly don't know how people dealt with it before scans - they really had to wait + see! I am glad there was no progression elsewhere. Folfiri + avastin have done well by me so far. I am always amazed when you talk about George working full time during treatment - he must be a very strong man + you are strong + inspirational too. Together you two will whup this! I am thinking of you both, + I have been meaning to tell you how much I love the picture of you two.

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Sorry to hear this news. Maybe they can try FOLFIRI. It sure kicked my cancer cells faster than FOLFOX did.

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I am so sorry that the results were not what you had hoped for. George has been through so much already. I am praying that you two can find some peace in the next few days as a plan comes into view. I'm really sorry.


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tanker sgv
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It sounds like your husband is a strong man and as they say where there's a will there's a way. Best wishes and good luck

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Kerry S
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Sounds like they just need to match the right chemo to the damn cancer.
Keep your attitude positive and keep going. God is with you as are we.


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Sending you prayers!

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I just hate to hear this, I will continue to pray for George and you during this tough time.


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combo will do the job this time!

Anonymous user (not verified)

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Tina & George....please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I am hoping that you and your Docs will get a good game plan together and whup this stuff!

Tina, you have been such an inspiration to me in the way you handle everything and in your consistent support for all of us in this group.Sending many sparks to you and George.


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Just wanted to say! :)

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Can definately understand the disappointment with the scan results when all seemed to be going well.

At least now you know and the docs can get a new plan in place back to good results.

Take care and know that we are all there rooting for best results.

Marie who loves kitties

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man.... that just sucks.... just when ya think ya got things under control.... Does George follow any certain food protocol? Anything in addition to chemo...meaning any type of supplements or herbs? I know they will find something to work for him. I am sure this threw you both for a loop... Sending prayers and good vibes your way. Take care.


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Well, as strong as you are, I know this one had to hurt:(

It's not the news that any of us wanted to hear, but fortunately, there are still plent of options abound.

I can't cure cancer or solve the world's problems, but I will be sending you and George something "magical" that will at least put a smile on your faces, if only for a moment:)

Look for it in your chimney or your mailbox, LOL:)

You will both have it in time for Christmas...I guarantee you will enjoy it!

I'm sorry for this news, Tina, but we're not out of it by a long shot.


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Hi Tina,

Sorry to hear George's scan results. At least nothing spread anywhere else.
Most likely George would be put on Folfiri. I know it's bad for some, but I personally found Folfiri much more do-able than the Folfox. No fun knowing that he needs to go on the heavier stuff again, though.
Hugs and prayers for you both-


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Sorry that you didn't get better news and hoping that the new treatment will help shrink his tumors.


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HI Tina,
Sorry to hear your news. My husband and I are in your shoes, living scan to scan. He has mets in his lungs, have been stable for the past 9 months on folfiri and now 5FU plus avastin maintenance. Hang in there, your husband is blessed to have such a loving partner.

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So sorry to hear your news. Sending hugs and good thoughts your way. Da*m, Da*m, Da*m.

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Tina, I'm so sorry to hear this news, I pray that the doctors can get this under control and stable with a new round of chemo. Best wishes always, and take of yourself too dear. Cynthia

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I'm really sorry about your news. We will be praying very hard for you both. I hope they find the right chemo to help with this.
Linda and Ellie

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Oh, Tina.

I'll be praying for you and George.


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Dear Tina -- You were so kind to respond to early posts of mine regarding my husband who was first diagnosed Stage 1 July 2008 and then advanced to Stage 4 November 2009 that recurred in the colon and mets to liver and lungs. Here we are almost a year later of chemo from 5FU, Leucovorin, Oxi, and Avastin and then the Oxi had to be dropped and since June he has been on Xeloda and Avastin only. There has been some reduction in the liver tumors and slow progression of the lung tumors, which are small, but nevertheless, continuing to advance.

I understand how discouraging it is for you and your husband to have progression revealed in the scans. How is George feeling at present? From what I have read, he seems to be a strong man who has continued to work (my husband as well) and enjoy his life even while having his treatments. He sounds like a wonderful man with great courage. And you as his caregiver seem loving and attentive.

I have no words of wisdom regarding his situation ... as my husband and I find ourselves in the same predicament ... but I will encourage you to live in the moment as much as possible. I see my husband living with his cancer, not dying from it. That is not to mean I do not think that at some point his cancer may overtake him, but I do not really know this.

There are many new treatments on the horizon ... it is possible that something could be there for our loved ones, and then maybe not. I am a realist and yet our husbands are here with us right now to love and support. Do not let your heart go dark with this news. Stay strong.

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I am sorry to hear the news. You and George are in my thoughts.

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Tina I feel so badly for you two. It is very very hard to feel you have to start the fight over but I know you will get your feet under you and there just have to be other options.

with very best wishes and hugs


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Sorry about the news you and George recieved, but it sounds like you bothe have the right attitude you get that news you dont want to hear get upset , mad then you bothe get right back and fight it. keep us posted I am hopeing you bothe get some good news soon


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tina dasilva
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i'm so sorry to hear my paryers are with you Tina and George hugs Tina

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Tina, Sorry to hear about the scan results. I'm sure that George will do well with the new chemo, just like he did with the other. I was upset when I found out I had to start a more agressive chemo again, but I felt better one the plan was set. George is lucky to have you ! Brenda

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So sorry for this rough news for you both. I pray you'll be able to catch your breath, hold on to each other for as long as it takes to gear up to fight again, and then just do the next thing. One day at a time. Know that we're all here fighting for you guys.
((HUGS)) from Jim and April

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Tina and George, I'm sorry for your news. My prayers, well wishes, and best hopes are with you.


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Tina, I'm sorry for this bad news. I pray the right chemo with right doasage will put the cancer under control. Stay strong and fight the cancer back again. I will be thinking of you and George. I always look forward to reading your post when I come to here. - Lucy

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Mellow Mel
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Hey Tina. I am sorry to hear that you received bad news, for I am sure it was devastating. Let's just hope his docs can get the ball rolling quickly to explore something else they can do to help him. Keep your chin up guys! God bless you both!

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