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"Diarrhea is like the Jazz of bowel movements"

Someone said this the other day. I thought it was hilarious...

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What is really horrid about this, Phil, is that it got me to thinking...okay, what is the heavy metal? what is the folk? what is the classical? what is the country? what is the, dare I ask it, pop?


Take care,


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heavy metal-constipation
classical-normal bm
country-bm in an outhouse
folk-hmm, could be the daily bm I have now after radiation, as I want to howl like a dog in pain;)

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Yall left out OPERA - its gotta be the rare one, you have held all day afraid its gonna hurt, you finally give in and go, and surprise! Not only is it painless, its such a relief! Thats opera!

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I have a colostomy after cancer came back a 2nd time, so I usually don't have to worry about the chemo-induced diarrhea. It's usually in the bag. I had gotten in the habit of getting a cup of sugar-free strawberry Italian Ice on the way to Chemotherapy. The next day at work, I realized my pouch had started to leak, so I went down to the teacher's restroom to remove it, clean up and put on a new one. I had no sooner removed the bag than diarrhea started again. Red liquid was squirting out like from a fire hose and hitting the wall opposite me. Talk about painting the town red. I quickly put on a new bag and called for clean up on Aisle 23. The clean up crew had to wash down the whole room.

I'm wanting to name it after one of the marches played on the 4th of July but I can't seem to remember names of any of the tunes.

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There is Sousa's The Stars and Stripes Forever.

Take care,


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The Fandango?

Ha HA!

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Having diarrhea is bad but having constipation is the other bad and having severer constipation is even worse the bad. Like Hard Rock Cafe


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With me it was always constipation also.  This goes back to before cancer. I've had the hard rock experience more than once. Almost went to the ER one time after it looked initially like a 3rd enema wasn't working.  A freakin' rock.  For he rest of  you folks out there, sorry for grossing you out.  Prune juice has always been helpful.  But it was prune juice behind the rock wall, ouch.

I just started on Topotecan and it is causing diarrhea, and I kind of welcome the change.  I am looking forward to some good old red meat again.  I also like cottage cheese and yogurt.  I follow the Budwig diet but have always had to watch my intake of dairy.  Like red meat, I will also indulge in cottage cheese and yogurt more.

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I liked it too.  Will remember that one.

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