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Anyone up for a laugh?

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My daughter has 5 month old twins and one of the pictures always makes me laugh out loud. I wanted to share this with anyone who needs a laugh this morning. If so go to my profile then expressions and click photo to enlarge. Thanks for looking at one of my big reasons to fight!! Mary

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That was an awesome shot!! Made me laugh as well, thank you

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SO CUTE!!!!!!! hahahahaha

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So glad you are feeling better, I have a cough too. Our grandchildren came over and one was coughing, I was pretty upset. After they left, we cleaned off all the doorknobs and our countertops and every surface we could, but four days later I came down with a cold. My doctor put me on antibiotics right away, but they are gone now and I'm still coughing. We were at Mayo last week and I had a cat scan which was clear, but I get a little frustrated because he keeps forgetting to include my throid. So that hasn't been checked for six months. I keep telling him my thyroid still hurts, but he just ignores me. I won't have another scan for six months, and then I'll insist on a petscan that will include the thyroid.

I wanted to look at your granddaughter's photo, but how do I get to your profile?


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Hi Mary,
You are so lucky to have grandbabies in your life right now. I had the biggest smile when I looked at her photo. I have 3 grandchildren, 6, 12 and 14 this month, so no babies in my life. I too have a cold, from grandkids. Thank you very much... What can you do, I love being with them , I'll have to try harder to protect myself. I am glad that your feeling better.
Peaceful healing

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Sooo cute- made me smile. Thanks for sharing, what a cutie.

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Hi Mary,
Little Maggie is darling and the picture definetely made me laugh. Thanks so much for sharing. Come May when our new grandchild arrives I'll be posting pictures also.

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