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Dear Lord, Heck, maybe Hell

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Dear Lord,
You know me, I haven't been a faithful servant, heck, well, I've never been to prison, so I figure that counts for something.
I've never totally denounced you, only half way cursed you now and then again.
But, heck, I'm only human.
I'm just praying for a lot of souls lately, to deny that mine is included in that, well, that would be a total lie. I'm a praying for mine too.
Cancer, indeed, has been pretty humbling, I'm as about as humble as you can be at this moment.
So, just so you know, I'm down on my knees, I'm praying for all of us that suffer from this cancer, and kind of hope you see fit that we can succeed in finding a cure, or an ability to last for years from this cancer.
Take special care of Donna and Eric and all that have raced to those pearly gates ahead of us. We're looking forward to meeting them and our families, when our time comes.
But until that time, can you help us look for that cure for us, for our children, for our grandchildren? Any help is always apppreciated, and looked upon as a grace from You.
Thank You God

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well said. Petrina

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Nana b
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Please grant this lady's hope for a cure...

You are always there for me, Lord!

Hugs, Kathi

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tina dasilva
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Amen - God bless us all.

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I believe God is hearing your prayer. I think God would rather have people shout their upsets to Him at times rather than just ignoring him. I will never claim to understand the ways of God, but I do believe He's there. In spite of all the hard times with cancer and family problems, I don't know how I'd get through it all without believing that God is there for me and with me. I've said it before and I'll say it again- God never said as believers that life would be easy- in fact, He said that those who believe in Him, love Him, and speak out about him to others would have it even harder here on earth. He never said life would be easy, only that He'd be here with us through it all. I cling to that...

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to that.

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lm sure about!

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Thank you for this prayer and for the example in humility that it took to post it here. Lisa thank you as well for reminding us that we cannot understand the mind or ways of God, nor did he promise us life would be easy. Peace and blessings to all who join in.

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Help you look for that cure? Uh, sorry. I'm really more in the business of visiting plagues and various other tribulations. But it's good that whatever I do, you will look on as a grace from Me. This is a very constructive attitude, and I appreciate it.

Yours, YHWH.

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Amen,i'm sure god is listening.

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We can't forget to mention the others that have passed this year either. Kimby, Peter were very much missed. Let us not forget others either that have passed. There are many others this year, but I've had such a day can't think of them. We have many to honor with our respects and losses on this board. All should be acknowledged not just some. Just want everyone to remember the others too when they post about a loss. There are many that have passed and we cannot forget them or single ones out. Please don't make a post about a single loss. We can acknowledge a loss in a post but please don't bring up just two people. We have lost many this year.


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These were the only two I knew, so that is why only they were mentioned in my prayer.

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Thanks for thinking and posting this. You are so special as you are going through your own struggles. Didn't mean to single this post out and I'm sorry if you thought that was what this was about. Love your posts and figured you only knew those. Just love your heart and compassion. You are right, my journey started before yours. I'm sorry if you were offended by my remark, it wasn't mean't to be that way.

Hugs! Kim

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That is the most "real" prayer I've ever heard/read! Did I mention I love it!?! What a beautiful, heartfealt, loving, "i'm only human and sometimes I question" prayer.

Thanks SO much....it's just what I needed tonight.



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