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Hey everybody.. As some of you may already know, I was in the hospital last week (7 days) with yet another blockage (4th blockage). They did more X-Rays, CT Scan, and a Colonoscopy. Good news is that I’m still Cancer free. Bad news is I may need another surgery in a few weeks. The problem seems to from where my ileostomy was. I have a weak area that seems to want to swell up and thus cause a blockage. I’m have some more tests in the next few weeks but in the mean time I’m happy to be home and happier not to have a NG tube.


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Oh man.... an NG? I guess you would need one, but daaaannnng!!

Glad you were busted outta there! Good to have you back!

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happy to see you again!

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Hey Buddy:)

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Kerry S
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The insertion of a plastic tube (nasogastric tube, NG tube) through the nose, past the throat, and down into the stomach.

Had one in me for 3 days. That was back when they attempted liver surgery on me.
My bowels took 4 days to wake up. I was barfing poop when I went into the hospital. My country doc said “well the crap has to get out somehow.”

I hated that damn tube. Glad your back my friend.


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Sorry to hear that you were hospitalized; glad they took good care of you. I am glad you are home! Take good care!

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Hi Brooks,

Glad you are home and things are going relatively good. I know all about those nasty NG tubes, they put one in me when I had my obstruction. They are an absolute nightmare. Hope things get better for you.


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that you are home. keep everyone posted. take care & God Bless. Margaret

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Hi Brooks,

Glad to hear you're still cancer free (!!!), but sorry you had to deal with the blockage and may need another surgery. You take care of yourself & I'll be hoping and praying that you'll be okay and all will go well.


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Hang in there! I hated the ng tube and the catheter!

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Being of a rather contrary disposition, I feel I should put in a good word for the NG tube. I had one in for 8-9 days while recovering from an LAR for rectal cancer. It wasn't that bad. I did get a sore throat, and it was hard to brush my teeth (have to hold the tube up to one side with the non-brush hand), but when they finally pulled it out, I had no subsequent problems with my digestive tract working well (as some people do after an LAR).


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I was so glad to see you posting on facebook! I'm so happy you're home!!! I'm sorry you have to go through another operation, but at least maybe it will prevent more hospitalizations in the future.

And I'm SO happy you don't have an NG tube now. HATE those things!


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Ahhh, home sweet home, glad your home.
Hoping for the best so that maybe you don't have to have surgery, but if you do, let us know. Have you in my thoughts.
Winter Marie

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Nana b
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Great that you are still NED!! Hugs!!

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Hey Brooks,
When are they going to do surgery? I am scheduled for a major herni repair on 12/6. Yay for me! My leeostomy site is bulging and so is my initial incision area. Not looking forward to this at all. Just fortunate that I have time to plan for this, getting work to get me set up to work from home again, getting things ready that the last time I sis not know I would need. Aye, Aye,Aye!!!!!

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Welcome home - glad you are back. So sorry that you have yet another blockage. Didn't realize you were having that many problems since reversal. If they elect to do surgery, hoping that it fixes this problem. Glad you are feeling better.


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and so glad the NG tube is gone.

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I know you are glad to be home and no ng tube i hope you feel better soon.


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