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Hello everyone. I was talking to a couple other today on chat about setting up an event where we all can meet. I was thinking meet in Omaha Nebraska at the zoo. It is in the middle of the country. It is easy to find. The zoo is very family oriented (obviously). We can bring out families if we want or not. It doesn’t matter to me…. Any thoughts? Who would do it? Any other places? Ideas? Help me.

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Just happened upon your post. I think it is great that you want to reach out to others. The Omaha Zoo is awesome, I used to live in Council Bluffs. I could not come as I now reside in Topeka but hope you get others together. I know from reading the posts that alot of people need others to just talk too. While your at it, the Old Market is fun too, especially Spaghetti Works for a meal.


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I think it would be great. If you get something set up let me know.

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It would be nice just to be able to meet anywhere

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LOL, you scouting other forums Tim..... You're gonna be in trouble with the H&N crowd...LOL.


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Don't tell anyone.

Ha ha ha

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That is an awesome idea and I would love to meet with the group if it were closer. But I am from Northeast PA and with work, the chances are slim, if the truth be told. But I say go for it! The other thought would be is anyone planning on attending either a Relay for Life or a Livestrong event in a major city where smaller groups could meet? I know we just put a team in a local Relay for Life event and are planning on also riding in the Philadelphia Livestrong bike ride.

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Hi neverquit. I live in Warminster,Bucks County,DX prostate cancer 3/7/11,had Divinci surgery ,June 21st. Maybe we could talk or meet,I havent found anyone here closer than you as of yet,but still looking. Wanted to participate in the ,Gary Papa run on fathers day, but had to start preping for surgery. Thanks for listening. ( mean to ramble lol) Randall

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Still waiting to hear more any up-date

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What about a CSN cruise???? Around Hawaii, up through Alaska before the ice pack is totally gone, around the world. Of course I can't afford any of those, but I can dream, can't I???

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Oh no I work on ships and don’t enjoy that at all, yes I get a free ride each time but when something brakes I have to fix it. Just my luck the Cruise ship will brake and I will have to fix it. Ha ha ha


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