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Cath Out - Path In

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Just back from the uro and he seemed very happy. Got rid of the cath and he gave me path report which I was anxious to see. Reading the report I am very happy and dont think it could have been any better. Other than my sore back and rectum all is fine.

Post Op Path:
Gleason 3+3=6
Tumor involves left lobe only
Tumor constitutes less than 5% of gland volumne
No vascular or neural invasion detected
No capsular invasion detected
Distal urethral margin of resection free of tumor
Proximinal urethral margin of resection free of tumor
Radial margin of resection free of tumor
Seminal vesicles uninvolved by carcinoma
TM stage T2a (unilateral less than 1/2 of one side), NX, MX
ALL Margins uninvolved
Extra Porsaatic extension: Absent

Im no expert but I think this looks very good and I am very happy. 6 weeks for a followup and PSA but right now I am just relieved that it appears to be gone. Thanks to everyone on this site for all of the hope and advise.


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I've read a lot of posts from a lot of guys and this is probably the best post-op post I've ever seen. I can't see how you could get any better.

Hope you continue to have a speedy and complication free recovery.

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Kongo: My 4th CK treatment is tomorrow and the last one is on Monday. Sure will be glad to have it behind me. Have been having problems starting my urine flow
so the doc put me on Flomax today. Also some loose bowels and rectal burning along with alot of gas.

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From what I read I don't see anything to worry about. Go out and celebrate the good news.

Now just continue your healing. In a few months this will all be a distant memory.


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Good news ... Congratulations and best wishes for a quick recovery.

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great update ed.your pathology is similar to mine..with this type of pathology the possibility of recurrence is less than 3% in your lifetime..that is better than any man with a prostate still in his body..i am past 2 months and the surgery and cancer memories are fading away rapidly...have come out a better and stronger man after this experience...wish you all the best..

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Thanks everyone...we are very happy.

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It looks good to me. Beats the dickens out of mine. Don't offer to trade ;)

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Hell great news now remember to walk and drink lots of water. Good luck in your recovery .


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congrats...enjoy the rest of your life knowing this is behind you...

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Life is good.

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