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The top cancer-causing products...

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· The top 6 cancer-causing products (called the “Dirty Dozen”) in the average home include the following:
1. Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder w/Talc
2. Crest Tartar Control Toothpaste
3. VO5 Hair Conditioner
4. Clairol Nice-n-Easy Hair Color
5. Ajax Cleanser
6. Lysol Disinfectant
[Source: The National Cancer Prevention Coalition]


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I do not have any of these products in my house except for the lysol..guess that's going too


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The credibility of the statements made is marginal at best, and alarmist. Also, the report is from 1995 making it more than 15 years old.

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WASHINGTON, D.C., Sept. 21, 1995 — The Cancer Prevention Coalition (CPC) and Ralph Nader will release tomorrow a "Dirty Dozen" list of consumer products used in most American homes, and manufactured by giant U.S. corporations. Brand named "Dirty Dozen" products include: Ajax Cleanser®, Clairol® Nice n' Easy Haircolor and Lysol® Disinfectant.

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Yep, I have to side with Neon here... this information is over 15 years old and if you try to google for more recent research on it (or any of the products listed) you can't get any "new" information. These groups have their own agendas... if you google, I believe it was the Crest Tartar Control Toothpaste and Cancer you can find a whole article on how horrid the American Cancer Society (ACS) is and how they are making millions of dollars from their fundraising campaigns where they use all the money they get in paying their executives and high salaried employees. If you want to believe this, then it goes on to say that they are in the "Cancer business" because it is a "big money business" to prolong cancer and peoples' suffering and this is what they are all about. They then go on to say that the ACS is in cahoots with big money businesses so they support products that are known to cause cancer (known to who?? Oh, to the people who are putting out this propaganda!) This article, surprise, surprise, was written by some company called "Nature's Best"... who happen to make all these same products but they say their's doesn't promote cancer. Lo and behold, the oldest marketing gimmick of them all... cut down the competition, go for the emotional level and voila, sell more products.

This list you mentioned above is written by the Cancer Prevention Coalition... but if you go to their website, they have no new information since 1995/96... does this mean they no longer exist? Or there has been nothing to research since the mid-90s? One of the missions of this group was to get some of these products off the shelf because of the so called severe danger it is to the lives of humans, but they didn't manage to get one product off the shelf since the mid-90s? What does that tell us?

Well, if you believe in the big Company/Pharmaceutical theory where the big guys are all out to kill off as many people as they can and profit from it, then I suppose one would believe that the big Companies/Pharmaceutical Industry twisted arms and made sure none of these cancer-causing products were taken off the shelves.

Or, perhaps, it's possible that as much as this (and other groups like them) who really and truly do/did believe that these commercial products are super dangerous because of their ingredients, they couldn't actually come up with the information/studies that proved they were dangerous.

This is not to say that for every commercial product we have in our homes, there isn't something that could be substituted and have less controversial ingredients. Then again, depending on who is living in the home, it's possible that someone is going to react to anything in the home and may possibly even get very sick from something that someone else doesn't react to. I am lucky, I don't have any allergies... whereas a friend of mine, seems to be allergic to everything that is in the air. Spring and Fall are horrible seasons for her and it's amazing how many products she can not use or eat. Why does she suffer from allergies and I don't? Then again, why do I have cancer and she doesn't?

Your mileage will vary... but in all fairness, unless an article, with backup documentation on studies and trials is less than 3 years old, I don't buy into it. That is also why I don't buy into the statistics of what a person's prognosis will be if they have Stage IV cancer... if you go by the statistics, they are 5-10 years old and we are living longer because we have better treatments than they had back when the statistics were drawn up. By the time they do statistics on 2010/2011 (where we are right now), the people who will be seeing them will be those in 2016-2026... and some of us Stage IV's will be around then and say, "Hey, don't panic... I'm a 10 year survivor and still going strong! :)

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We keep beating this poor thing.

A cancer cell is just a normal cell, that instead of dying,
has managed to live on using the fermentation process.

It can't get instructions regarding how to act, so it just
lives on glucose and spits out lactic acid, and grows larger
and larger inside us.

Our immune system, for some reason doesn't see that cell
as being anything that doesn't belong inside us, so it ignores it.

Anything..... (Let me repeat that the way it was repeated to me
a few hundred times) ANYTHING can damage a cell. In fact,
they are now learning that cells that divide the way they usually
do, by splitting in half, with one half dying....sometimes live
on by that fermentation process..... that's cancer.

Anything can cause it, and sometimes there isn't a "cause".

But one thing always is the same: Our immune system is allowing
it to grow; other people's immune system will not allow it to grow.

That's why some people get cancer from smoking and drinking
and running around with promiscuous farm animals, and others don't.

Radiation damages cells, and harsh chemicals damages cells, yet
we welcome both in our fight against cancer, and try to avoid common
daily items that mean little if anything, in the whole scheme of things....

Kinda' odd, ehh?

(Well.... it is, in my world...)

Best thoughts to all....


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Since my cancer isn't genetic, I kinda figured it must have been something I did or didn't do. Was it the time I spent in Desert Shield/Storm? Something I've been eating or drinking? Not exercising enough? You have eased my mind some that maybe it wasn't all my fault. Thank you so very much!!


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A quick read at these forums..........

Young Cancer Survivors

Childhood Cancers

.................... may shake a bit of reality into things.

Cancer knows no bounds; it has no friends or enemies, it just
grows without reason.

It's just a cell that's trying to stay alive in spite of everything,
just as we are, really.... I don't think it wants to kill it's host,
since that would kill it, too. It's totally devoid of any direction,
and just trying to remain alive.

There's some speculation, that once the immune system senses
the chemicals that cancer cells expel when they die, the immune
system becomes sensitized to that chemical and begins to attack
the remaining cells.

I guess it's similar to how a vaccine works...(?). If that is
found to be true, then having a strong immune system after
a dose of chemo, or whatever one uses to kill cancer cells,
would be the best route to take. to eliminate the balance of
cancer cells that remain inside us.

Food for thought..... (White Castles for heavy thinkers)

Better health to youse.


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My understanding is that the immune system eventually begins to recognize the cancer cells as part of the body and will fight off the chemo to protect the cancer cells.

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That's why I now have to take methotrexate to stop my immune system from killing me. Ron.

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My wife had been taking that for over twenty years for her RA.

A Norweigian study is trying to prove that RA is from a virus,
and not from the immune system over-reacting.

If that proves correct, the methotrexate so often prescribed will
be proven to be the cause of the RA spreading, instead of allowing
the immune system to keep it confined to one spot...

So instead of just losing a few joints in the hand or foot, the
RA sufferer may have lost most of the entire body due to the
spread of RA....... thanks to medicine that was wrongly prescribed.

Our immune system was given to us to fight off anything that
will harm us; it is intrinsic to our very essence of life.....

Yet they try to stifle it when they can't figure out the real problem...

I really hate to see people suffer, when there's so many options
to what's presently being pushed on them.

Oh well.

Better health wishes....


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I love the depth of these conversations!
I was just simply going to say then I guess I suck as a Mom for powdering my 3 girls behinds when they were babies!!!! :) :)

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Aren't we all horrible people? To live in these times is certain death.
If only we had a "Way Back" machine... Although that would likely have to be powered by some form of nuclear energy (or solar energy) which would in turn give us skin cancer or plutonium poisoning!
CURSES!!!! Foiled again (but not aluminum foil because aluminum causes Alzheimer's...)

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"A Norweigian study is trying to prove that RA is from a virus,
and not from the immune system over-reacting."

I hope you don't expect us to leap to the conclusion that RA is from a virus just from the fact that someone is trying to prove that it is. Identifying adverse possibilities as actual facts is paranoid.


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I just logged onto that website, Cancer Prevention Coalition. Folks, take a look for yourselves, but I found old information. Nothing current. I tried to email them on their contact us page and it would not go. I did copy and paste on my Yahoo email and was able to send an email. I inquired as to the lack of current information. At the bottom of their contact us page is another website. That website is selling make-up and stuff?

Scary to me.

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ANYONE can make a website and make it look authentic and important. They can also post anything they want (free speech and all) but just because it's there does not make it true or current. It's up to each of us to look for signs (like seeing the date Sept 21 1995) and having a warning bell go off for us. Unfortunately, not everyone sees that or checks. It's easy for something to slip by too. But the internet has a lot of great information on it and a lot of BS too. You certainly can't say "it's true because I read it on the internet".

Just wondering, is the make-up any of the stuff that they say will kill you?

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The animals they used to test it on...thank goodness THAT whole mess is cleaned up!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Some just threw one of our own under the bus when all she was doing was trying to help others. The first 1 or 2 to point out when that info was published was enough. Yes the info and website are outdated but do some research and come back and tell us if the ingredients of the listed products are the same as they were back then. A small hint, some of the ingredients have been banned since then. Coincidence?

For those of you that don’t think our diets, household products, etc. etc. etc. can be harmful go read the study published this week about 10% of the girls in the US starting their periods between 6 and 7 years old. 10 years ago it was 5% and 20 years ago it was only .5%. Wrap your minds around that, 1 out of every 10 girls in the US now need bras before they are 8 years old! Certainly it can’t be anything about what we are exposed to on a daily basis. Previous data says that if a girl starts her period before she is 11 years old, she has a 50% chance of getting breast cancer in her life. Their poor parents are now giving them anti-growth drugs so they can be normal girls but I have to wonder what that will do to their long term health.

Next, go check out the incidence rates of colorectal cancer across the world and see that the US, Canada, and Australia have TWICE the incidence rates as ALL the other industrialized countries in the world. So what is it that we do differently than other countries? Canada and Australia are the only countries to follow the USA’s lead in meat, dairy, veggie, and other product regulations/recommendations so I think we can start there. I will add that Australia is wising up and tightening some of the regulations on foods and other products.

I personally think the immune system is key to preventing and fighting cancer but meds, vaccines included, can compromise it. If you don’t believe me, ask your oncologist or just check out how your white blood cell counts react to chemo. For those that don’t know, white blood cells are the key players in an efficient and effective immune system. When they are so low that you could get very sick from any germ exposure the docs won’t let you get chemo. I find it amazing that some oncologist discourage natural supplements that might help build your immune system but don’t hesitate to give you an expensive synthetic man made drug to boost it. I suspect I’d be dead today if my oncologist felt that way. I swear I think some physicians and their associates are just legal drug dealers and only care about how many patients a day they can see. It is all about money and someone has to pay for the fancy cars and houses the pharmaceutical reps have. I have a brother who is an ENT doc/surgeon and he talks about the cars, clothes, and homes his have. If you know how to read a financial statement go check out some of the big Pharmas and see how much more they spend on sales and marketing then research. It'll blow you away but shouldn't surprise you given all the TV and magazine ads.

I have been on this board over 6 years now and am sick and tired of seeing friend after friend die from something I think can be prevented at least 50% of the time and am angry about it. If you think that corporate USA cares about your health and well being more than they do their bottom line, you are being naïve. Why is it we never hear about prevention? All we hear is cure, cure, cure which means you have to have gotten CRC before you can be helped. Why aren’t there walks, runs, colors, or months dedicated to cancer prevention? There is no money in prevention folks, it’s that simple. You can’t tell me that the type 2 diabetes product suppliers care that it is completely preventable and reversible. They want to make money. Money rules and that is all there is to it. 73 million Americans now have a disease that is completely preventable and reversible if they would just get up and exercise a little, eat better and lose some weight. But they would much rather do nothing, take their meds and wait for some other serious illness to hit them.

I know every single one of my CRC buddies here would jump at a chance for a cure, I just don’t understand why type 2 diabetics don’t. I completely understand that some of us only have chemo as options and am not trying to belittle that. I would like to see more time and money spent on your behalf instead of others that aren’t willing to help themselves.

It’s time we stop waiting for the “magic pills” for things we can prevent and become more responsible and accountable for our health so big Pharma can concentrate on helping my friends here that surgery won’t help and have no other options. And hopefully they could find chemo drugs that aren’t so durn caustic.

Lizzy, thanks for trying to help and I hope you continue to post.

For the others out there, do your own research and educate yourself, it is really powerful and I have to say that I enjoy “teaching” some things to my oncologist.

Sorry, off my soapbox after this long post. For those wanting a condensed version, read the first and last parts.

Lisa P.

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The more I read and the more I learn about colon cancer (and all cancers) I truly believe in the importance of nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and supplements. The year prior to my diagnosis I began a new job, reduced exercise (no time), and was not eating as healthy as I should have. I wonder if all this could have been prevented. I'll never know, but I do know that it makes a huge difference and I appreciate all the information and feedback regarding other choices.

THanks for the information!


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Mouse vaccine raises prospect of cancer prevention

An autoimmune-mediated strategy for prophylactic breast cancer vaccination

We may see something eventually... or at least our grand-offspring might...

Using our own immune system to fight cancer makes more sense
than trying to get some chemical to do it, but since there's no profit in
doing it that way.......

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I refuse to blame my everyday choices caused my cancer, my neighbors make the same choices and they don't have cancer, yet, my neighbor's who have chosen the 'RIGHT' way to live, have suffered cancer, my vegan neighbors across the street?? Both brain and ovarian cancer (husband and wife, wife died, husband still here years later), my neighbor next door??? Chinese on only Chinese diet, COLON CANCER, doing fine after chemo (my same onc), my neighbor across the street?? Mexican diet, lung cancer, removed (one rib broken at the surgery site) going strong after 20 years. Evolution of these mutant cells in the only thing I blame. My point I'm trying to make??? Get OVER BLAMING yourself!!! It is what it is.

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I dunno', gal.... But I'd be seriously thinking of moving outta' that neighborhood!

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