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Where's my free "Welcome to the club tote bag"?

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Joined: Jul 2010

First timer here. I'm a 41yo divorced mom of 4 crazy kids who was recently dx with stage IV colon cancer. Just started tx, and thought it might be nice to have a little help with all this. Any and all advice, suggestions, or someone to just chat with would be helpful.

Thank you very much for reading this, and looking forward to getting to know others in the "same boat".


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Welcome to the board, Come to think of it I never got my totebag either. I am the same age as you. Good luck with your treatments. I have been done with chemo since 6/23/09, I was dxed stage III. So far it has not come back.

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Posts: 50
Joined: Jul 2010

Got the bag last week. Only thing is, it came with with a darn pump in it. Is it to late to give it back? Guess I should be careful what I ask for.

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I didn't get one ether!!! I think we all should talk to somebody about this!! Welcome to the board. Advice... I'll have to see what I can come up with.


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I heard Steve has a whole stack of them at his house. He somehow hacked the Internet so that all requests for the "Welcome to the club tote bag" go straight to him. I also heard he makes his own clothes out of them. Don't even bother asking who I heard it from, I promised Maggie I would not tell anyone.

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now thats funny!
thx Rick

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Got me a real powerful, custom made catapult, with high-powered scope and night-vision goggles,practiced so that I can hit a nail on its head at 200 yards away....So you;re peacefully walking down the street, not a care in the world, til BOOM/Splat!!What was that?....another bullseye from the sky....makes ya think elephants do fly....

If you can't make fun of yourself.......steve

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Hi Sheri and just wanted to say welcome to the board and I am confident that you will find some help here as well as lots of folks to chat with.There are many experienced folks here that can help you along as you travel along this particular journey. I wish the very best for you.

By the way...I could really use my tote bag too :)


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after the colostomy....tote it around with me wherever I go.....hehehe......steve

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Sorry about your recent diagnosis and that we have no tote bag to offer you, but we can offer our experience, friendship and encouragement. Good that you found this site as it can help tremendously especially when you just need to vent. Good luck on your treatments and keep us up to date.


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Some folks have a Welcome to the club colostomy bag. I don't wish to have a bag, I'll take what's behind door #3.
I hope you find the info helpful here.

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I hope you find this forum useful; I certainly have. Good luck with your treatment.

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Hi Sheri, Welcome to this group! Whenever you need to talk, just sign on, lots of us don't really sleep much! Let us know how you are doing. Jean

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I did receive a parting gift from my oncologist when he prescribed Xeloda. It was a bag with a video about Xeloda, a pill case & a tube of Utter Cream. Never received a Tote Bag either.

Welcome - You are not alone!


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I just received my beautiful blue Xeloda bag from my oncologist on Thursday. That utter cream is really good and have been using it often. I am stage IIa, had right colectomy on 2/9/10, and had been researching the internet and found the MSI, microsatellite instability test, that they do on your tumor specimen. Well, it came back from a lab in Irvine CA,and was called into see my onco and was told that it was MSI-S, which is not good. Apparently you should be high, and that stable or low is the worst case. So, I started on Xeloda 1800 mg b.i.d. I actually was a little uneasy with not doing any chemo, but just 4 month CT scans and blood work, so hoping this will give me a little better fighting chance.

I feel good after 4 doses, my feet feel a little hot, but other than that I feel good. Hope that keeps up. My best to all.

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Welcome to this board. The people on this board will support you with words, Prayers, and humor when you need it the most. Margaret

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Hi, Sheri!

I didn't get any tote bags or anything cool, either. Bummer!

Welcome to the board! I hope we can be of help to you!


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Stage IV here too.... Mom of 3 grown kids.... Gma to 3.... You can talk to me anytime about anything. We all family here so put on your jammies and get comfy!


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Any questions, feel free to ask. Stage IV here too. Diagnosed this year. Although I'm 10 years older.
Anytime you need to talk, go for it.
Winter Marie

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hello and welcome Sheri. Based on your intro, I think you'll do fine around here. I should say that I am sorry you found us, seems the only way we meet new people here is under less then desirable circumstances, but since you have I hope you find us helpful and that this site becomes another source of strength for you.
My wife is also a nurse, so let me add, bless you for those that you help, I could never do what you do, and I am grateful to those who can.

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Sorry you have cause to be here but welcome -- you are at the right place.

I was diagnosed with Stage III rectal cancer at age 44. That was 7.5 years ago. I've had a couple of relapses but I'm still alive and kicking (and dancing and hiking and everything else). I have two teenage boys -- they are crazy too -- but in that good way -- the way that makes you feel like living forever

Let us know when and if you want to share more information about your diagnosis and treatment, and if there are any questions you have or experiences we can share that might be helpful to you.

Warm wishes,


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You have to bring your own baggage into this forum. We've all got plenty.

Posts: 3692
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Good one Eric!

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Welcome to the family! Sorry that you had to find us, but we are here for you and each other! And I never got a tote bag either!!!!!! Keep that sense of humor, laughter will get you through this!

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the only bag you may get here is not one that you would want.
You will get lots of info here that you will find useful.

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Nana b
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Welcome! I think I am the old foggie on this site! Sorry to meet you but glad you found us! :-)

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I hate you had to join this club but you will find so many friendships here. This is a great group! I personally can testify that I find nurses are the best people on earth! My husband David has been at this cancer journey about 2 1/2 years and there are so many nurses we've come to adore.

You will get great advice and support here. Come back anytime! I wish you a very successful journey. There are many stage fours here that have survived a long time. I know you will find them inspiring.

Hugs and Healing,

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Hi Sheri... I see you haven't posted except your original one. I hope you come back and talk to us!

I'm also a nurse, stage III. I'm so sorry you had to join our club, but so happy you found us.

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Just wanted to say hello and welcome !

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2 years ago I won a black bag that carried a pump in it - held on to it for about 6 months and got tired of carrying it around so I gave it back!

Welcome to the site from one sherrie to another! Sorry to meet you here, but glad you came. Here you will find many wonderful people with plenty of helpful advice to guide you along the way.

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hi welcome sorry that we have to meet this way!!! the people here are great, i cant say that enough...this is where all the angels are...i promise when you ask a question they will reply with great tips...they have helped me and they give you that little push to keep fighting...prayers and best wishes...if you do the chemo every other week with the pump you get a special little purse....hope all goes good

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After my last radiation treatment, I was presented a very nice graduation certificate, rolled and tied with red ribbon. Even better than that diploma was the great big grin from the radiation techno when she gave it to me. Oh, but you don't have rectal cancer, I guess, so you probably won't be getting one. Sorry.


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Just wanted to jump in and say welcome to the board. Gosh another young one with this disease, breaks my heart. My hubby is the one with cancer, diagnosed 3/09, age 60, Stage IV, transverse colon, mets to liver and lung. So far so good, great response to chemo, now on chemo light, only surgery colon resection.

Geez, the only bag George got was the fanny pack with that damn pump in it and the tote from the oxi people with gloves and a coverlet with their name on it.

Take care - Tina

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Damn Pump, such a stylish fanny pack!!! I call mine "Grace"!!! Wow! I never got anything with my pump except a bag of "emergency" supplies of some sort.....I never looked in the bag!! I was never even told anything about the pump and got yelled at for hitting buttons to try to stop the beeping when it was empty. Oxi is such a freaky drug.....Just love the side effects!

I did learn to clamp off the tubing and remove the battery! But I learned the hard way to never, ever, ever put the battery in your pants pocket! Suddenly it got really hot!!! I think my keys hit the contacts! Wow was that scary to have my leg start burning!!!! The battery was too hot to touch!!

Take care


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Posts: 189
Joined: May 2010

I didn't get my "Welcome Bag" either!!!:( Darn! I do get to "rent" a lovely pump with a stylish bag every two weeks!!! I call her "Grace" because she isn't very graceful!!! I too am a newby. Stage IIIC. Just love the "decorative pump tubing" that gets caught on everything!!!! I am spending a lot of time in bed which I don't mind at all! ( I am very lazy!!!! ) Currently using both the Sancuso Patch and Emend for CINV!! So much fun!!! Still got clammy and "sick" this past treatment( #7 I think ? ).

I am a bit older ( 57 ) and have grown children....I know it is so much harder on those who have younger families depending on them.

The biggest surprise for me is the rude questions that "well meaning????" friends and relatives ask! Or "advice" that is not asked for!!!!!! I think the biggest thing I have had issues with is friends "outing me" by adding my complete name and condition to their prayer chains! I guess I don't mind the "Pray for a friend" ones, but I have felt rather violated!

The people on this board have helped me feel like I am not alone in this battle. I don't often post, but I guess I'm more of a stalker!!!

Welcome to The Club Sheri!

Take Care....Barb

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Welcome to the site, im sort of new also, had chemo and radiation and 3 operations, im dooing well, but now having some heart issues, hope we can help with advice and comments as you take your journey

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Welcome to the board Sheri. Sorry you have to be here but these folks are truly a blessing. Feel free to ask questions. I am always amazed that someone out there has an answer, or at least an opinion. :)


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hi, Sheri

so sorry about your diagnosis and that you even have to join such a site due to your condition. whatever and whenever you have questions and or concerns just post them and i'm sure someone from this fabulous will help when they reply. hope your doing well today.


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welcome... i am stage 4 and 42 this year(UGH).. dx 3 years ago and just received a NED scan... so there is lots of hope.. and i had that damn pack too... u learn to love and hate it...(my hubby said i abused the pack--- dragging it on the floor bc i"D forget it was attached).. there alot of people who post a lot here.. i am a cruiser.. i read the post but dont post myself much.. but there is a lot of good advise and support....


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I got one of those dang pump totes too. Also, got a tote bag with blanket, gloves, scarf, etc. courtesy of the makers of Oxi. Had to spend all this $$$$ on chemo, and all I get is this stinkin care package? Didn't even get the t-shirt. I would tell you what material the bag is made of, but can't cause my fingertips are still numb. Geeeeeeeeeee ttthhhaaaannnkkkkssss Oxi!!!


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