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Where's my PEG? - - Oh, yeah - they took it out this morning

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Pam M
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Yay - my doc subscribes to the "no pain, no pain" ideology. My PEG was removed this morning. "Mild sedative" turns out to be something that knocked me out, and left me with no memory of the procedure once the happy juice got turned on.
Gastro scoped me while I was in la la land, decided a stretching was in order, and did the dilation (I agreed to all this last week). I was surprised that I needed the dilation. As many of you know - this was big for me. First my hair started coming back, then my mouth, throat and skin started healing, then the PICC was removed, then I could eat in public - now this. The only physical sign I have left that something was "not right" with me is my very short hair, with the oh-so cutting edge permanent bald swath in back; even that should be covered over in a few months by the hair higher up on my head, I think. Looking "normal" seems to matter to me right now - I like the idea of people having no reason to wonder what's wrong with me. Do well, everyone.

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Hi Pam,
I have been a voyeur to this site for over two months, but have never responded. But I had to on this. You are always so kind and supportive to the new kids on the block giving them hope and encourage. Just reading your posts has helped me. I hope you celebrate in style.

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I like the way your new normal is progressing. Very encouraging.

Be well

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Taking out that PEG is like cutting the ambilicle cord...you are cut free and on your own. What will you do first without the PEG? Congrats on having your body back.

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Joined: Jan 2010

Way to go Pam, a big milestone indeed. Wishing the best for ya!!!


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Glenna M
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Joined: May 2009

Congratulations Pam, I think having the peg tube out was one of the happiest moments I've had in the past year.

It sounds like everything is going your way now!!

Keep up the good work,

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What a great milestone.

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I was so happy to get rid of that freakin' PEG, I understand right where you're coming from.
As for the bald patch across the back of your head, I called it my Moe Howard (Three Stooges) look. (Nyuk nyuk nyuk.)
Congratulations, and keep on keepin' on.

--Jim in Delaware

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Awesome news. Mine is stubborn. Dialation in my future.



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Good news on all fronts Pam. 'My racing strip came back and it's a bit curly. Strange sine I have dead straight hair.

I got a great 'ducks bum' hairdo now ;o)


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Great News Pam,

Glad to hear that you are on your way to a new Normal.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Joined: Dec 2009

Congratulations...it's a big deal to lose that thing. And you didn't have to get the "big yank." Or, at least you got to sleep through it. What a nice doc you have!
My bald spot is about 2 or 3 square inches right under under my chin on the right side. It makes it so I have to shave or I look like I have a case of mange on my face! Add to that the radical scar on my neck and I am one fierce looking hombre! haha...

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Posts: 90
Joined: May 2010

Congrats Pam on the big day!!!!!

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Joined: Apr 2010

Awesome Pam! Wish I could wake up and my PEG be gone too. As for the Moe look (like the 3 stooges reference Jim), I referred to my bald spot on the back of the head as my reverse mullet. Finally starting to grow hair back there, but the good news is the doc said I'd never have to shave below my chin again. Yehaa, I knew there was something good to come out of all those rads hitting me in the head!


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Joined: Oct 2009

For what it's worth, my bald swath in the back grew back in about 5 months. Good luck.

Kent Cass
Posts: 1898
Joined: Nov 2009

Most happy for you- that it is gone. We are like a family- brothers and sisters growing with their recovery to different stages, like losing hair, PEGs and Ports, and Teeth and, uh, uh...the ability to remember!!! Congratulations, Sister.


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Congrats and good for you! I am jealous. My journey is essentially in its infancy. You give me hope. Thanks and live well!

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