Don't want to give up!

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Hello, my brother was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. Since his diagnosis, he's had surgery to remove a portion of his stomach. He has recently had another surgery because the doctors suspected a blockage. When they went in, they said that the cancer had spread far beyond what they originally said. Whereas he was scheduled for chemotherapy before, now they are saying that there is nothing else they can do and will be sending him home on hospice care. Should we be looking for other ways to help him, or accepting his fate as I believe he has decided to do?

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    I am kind of new to this

    I am kind of new to this site and stomach cancer in general. I met some nice people on the web site no stomach for cancer maybe they might know of some new approaches. I will keep you and your brother in my prayers. Where there is life there is always hope.

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    Check out the Gerson Therapy - it may help and it cannot hurt
    Gerson's Therapy requires the patient to drink 8 oz of fresh pressed raw vegetable juice up to 13 times a day. Carrot, green apples, small amounts of beet are good choices.

    Also, try alkalization techniques such as drinking apple-cider-vinegar or wheatgrass juice (available in powder form).

    He can also try slow-deep breathing exercises (called pranayama) - you can look up the technique on the Internet.

    Best wishes.
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    Alternative Treatments
    There are many things that can be done to activate our lymph system and build up our bodies to fight cancer. I was diagnosed with stomach cancer and had a total gastrectomy in April, 2010. I chose to fight the rest of the cancer with alternative treatment as the chemo and radiation did not give much hope. I am presently having some difficulty with keeping food down, so I have not been on my program for the last 2 weeks, but am looking forward to getting back to the daily fight. I visited Health Quarters Ministries in Colorado Springs, was tested and am taking supplements and doing their "At Home" program. This includes consuming "green drink" and a one month juice fast, followed by three weeks of 80/20 meal plan (80% raw food, 20% cooked). I am off dairy, meat, sugar, and processed foods. The "At Home" program also includes, water and coffee enemas, dry brushing, jumping on a rebounder (minitrampoline), and exercise. I was feeling great, am a little tired now that I am not eating much. I had an esophagus dilation last week and yesterday, so I hope to be able to eat soon. Dr. Frauhm and his wife wrote "Cancer Battleplan". His wife suffered with breast cancer, after many medical treatments, was sent home to die. She was given six weeks to live. She saw a naturopath, followed all the instructions, and in six weeks was declared cancer free. She lived nearly 10 more years and passed away from something other than cancer. I hope this is an encouragement to your brother. You can check out Health Quarters on the internet.

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    Hi Val
    So sorry for your

    Hi Val
    So sorry for your brother's latest news. Glad he got through the surgery ok though. I would suggest getting a 2nd opinion from a well known cancer center. When one dr gives up, another one can give you other options and help you to beat this. Do not give up just yet. Keep in touch.
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    My father's wife's dad went
    My father's wife's dad went with chelation therapy when he was given 2 weeks to live and its over 3 years now. From what I understand, it doesn't kill cancer, but stops its growth.