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Sundance Update - Still in Hospital

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Hi Everyone!

I'm still in the hospital - the plans changed completely. DaVinci was cancelled and we ended up doing full blown thoracotomy due to the severity of the tumor. Pain I was having was real - tumor was 6cm (tangerine) and had grown into ribs and chest cavity.

Much has happened - I've had a couple of ribs removed and chest cavity scraped. Much to much to explain in email - I'm hurting real good, got a chest tube still in (10 days). Still hospitalized and will go home on oxygen. Working hard and making progress since 15th.

Saw an early copy of my path....Cancer - mets to the lung.

Treatment to follow after I can recover. Will have to meet with radiation onc and my surgical onc and gather more info to make a better, more informed decision.

No surprise - I am standing tall and will beat this back - gravel in my guts and spit in my eye, I'm going to hit back now, it's my turn. It hit me pretty good and all the pain the past few months and the surgery and all I've done here at the hospital have been a real beating, but I'm up to the challenge.

I saw briefly what has happened to Louann and Kimby and it saddens me to read and hear this news. Don't want to step on them in their time, but just wanted to let you know what's going on so you would not worry about me.

I will not be stopped - I will not give in - I'm still going to win this battle. Gotta get out of here and heal up some and make decision treatments and then get those - won't be easy but none of my journey has been.

I've been staying on top of nurses and docs here at the hospital - full time job. Very tired and hurting right now, so I'm going to go now.

Love you all and miss you all, very much. Haven't forgotten about your mags either - story and pics over to publisher now - end of August.

Gonna be off work for awhile - everyone pleased with the progress I've made since I got here to now - I'm a good patient.

Take care, Everyone!


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Found this quote and thought of you:

Give yourself whatever gifts of time and rest you need to feel better - and know that you're surrounded by caring thoughts and prayers and heartfelt wishes. Rest easy. Get well.
-- Author Unknown

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Hello Craig,
Glad to hear that you are in recovery, and fighting the good fight.
Prayers and thoughts are with you.
Winter Marie

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Oh Craig such a wall of strength, hang in there. It saddens me to hear you have to suffer so much, I know things will get better. You have such drive and determination! I will pray for you, stay strong and if you need an ear or a shoulder to lean on I'm here for you.
Take care

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I wanted to take just a minute and thank everyone for their kind thoughts and remarks for me during my latest surgical exerience. It was very kind of all of you to do and was a real comfort to read through all the responses.

I'd love to thank everyone individually, but am not close to being up to speed to doing that, so please accept this gratitude from me.

Look forward to giving you some more updated soon - a whole lot went on that I did not even get to mention. Will tell you about it in another post when I'm back home.

Love you guys!


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It is so good to hear from you. I want to wish you continued healing.

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Another well wish- I'm thinking about you today and hope and pray you're now home and can get some better rest at home than in the noisy hospital (no one taking your blood pressure in the middle of the night, giving you heparin shots (ouch) at odd hours, etc.!

Talk to us again as soon as you're able! :)


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Hey, Craig!

It's good to have actual posts from you! We had prayer time at our Bible school tonight, and I put you and Donna on the list.


Fight for my love
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Hi brother,hope you are going back home soon.I hope you are feeling better now and get well very soon.I am so sorry to know that you had a big major surgery and had been through a lot.Just want to say my best wishes to you for a speedy recovery.Take care.

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Hi Craig...wow, you weren't kidding when you said it's been quite a journey! it's amazing what you're going through, and still able to keep such good spirits. you're a true fighter, and i believe you will beat this.

Keep improving, and i'll look forward to reading your updates!


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Hi Craig:

Its got you in that ring again. Well put up those strong dukes and knock it dead. You're so strong and know what it takes - no doubt. We miss you're talks and look forward to hearing that you're home and up and about giving it your all once again. My wishes and prayers are with you. Take care and let them SPOIL YOU. Hugs.

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You sound like you are up for the job of fighting this beast. Keep up that fighting spirit! Hope you are up and moving with no pain soon, and I get to meet you in FW at CP8.
Jo Ann


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