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I'm dancing with NED !

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Joined: May 2010

Finally some good news. Since my diagnosis last November I have had little good news. Finally my first post treatment CT scan came back clear!thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement in coping with having scan number one.
Now if only my neuropathy of my hands and feet would calm down I would be thrilled. My docs said it could last up to a year post treatment.Has anyone else had this and what if anything helps?
But for now I am just happy that I too am dancing with NED.

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I am happy for you, Sue!!! I have neuropathy in hands and feet. Last chemo was Feb 22. Mine is getting better gradually.
Enjoy your NED!!! Norma

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Happy for the wonderful, positive news....yeah! It's great as you're amongst a few of us and we're all dancing NED.

I completed all treatments one year ago and had some minor neuropathy in my arms and hands, mainly noticed at night while sleeping. Now that I think about it, not bothering me at all. I'm a big workout gal so don't know if lots of movement with running, etc, contributes, but can't think it would hurt.

Best to you and take each day at a time and enjoy it!!! While we have NED, do wonderful and fun things as not in treatments.....life is good~


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May you dance with NED for many, many years...

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enjoy dancing with ned for the rest of your long life, sue! i still have some minor neuropathy in my fingers and toes, seems to be slowly getting better. my last chemo was 8 months ago. am still taking l glutamine, i think it's helping. in any case, mazel tov!
sisterhood, maggie

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Remission is the BEST feeling in the worls. Please revel in the joy of it and forget about cancer as thoroughly as you can! ENJOY! & CONGRATULATIONS!

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Wonderful news. May you dance with NED for a very long time. So good to hear the news. In peace and caring.

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Keep the dancing going!!!

Stay well :)


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Doin the NED dance! I had severe neuropathy. I had breast cancer ten years ago and took taxetere. Then with the carbo/taxol I got painful neuropathy. The carbo neuropathy pain peeks four to six months after you finish chemo. It will start getting better then and after one year that is about how it stays. Mine really improved dramatically; and I could only wear ugly shoes! I wore cute sandals (with a heel) on my vacation! I took Lyrica and also had to take pain medications. Once and a while I still feel it but it's not bad at all. Sometimes squeezing a rubber ball helps the hands. Avoid high impact with the feet; I can now walk without problems. I don't do high impact aerobics anymore. Some use neurotin for pain. It takes time for it to work. The lyrica really worked for me.


Posts: 134
Joined: May 2010

Thank you all for the good wishes. You have already taught me so much. Thanks for the advice and telling me to be patient. I was upset when my doc told me that the neuropathy could last up to a year. I guess I want to feel better NOW! I need to be more proactive in my care. I am thinking about accupuncture and some excersizes to increase my strength. I have got to get healthier. I am now more determined than ever before. I want to be dancing with NED for a long time!

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Just logged on. Sooooo happy for you Sue! Doing the dance! Keep on dancin!


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Sue....great news! Yup....work on getting stronger so you can keep dancing! It takes a lot of energy to dance!!

Best wishes always!


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Cecile Louise
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Dance on, sister!!


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