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Poorly differeniate diffuse signet ring cells

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In the world of stomach cancer how aggressive is this type of cancer cell. We were asked to be tested (whole family) for the CDH1. Is this cancer type linked to the genetic carrying cancer? Thanks


Terri Lou
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Hi Ellen
CDH1 is a genetic mutation that is known to cause Hereditary Diffuse Gastric cancer. However, HDGC has been known to run in families that do not carry the CDH1 mutation. This is very rare and represents only a fraction of stomach cancers. Any family that finds clusters of gastric cancer, particularly early onset (age 50 or under) should become informed about CDH1 and HDGC.
As far as it being aggressive, that's not how I would describe it at all. More like "sneaky." This cancer does not form large tumors, rather the cells are scattered and often hiding in the stomach lining. Because of this, it is very hard to detect until it has spread. I would refer you to the website
There you will find lots of information and links to even more information about this condition.

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I had a Roux n Y a year ago this month. I had an EGD 3 weeks ago and the biopsies were all negative for cancer. I was told signet cell gastric cancer is caused by having had a previous gastrectomy, I had a gastrectomy 40 years ago. Signet cell cancer is supposed to be the "best" type of gastric cancer. My cancer was poorly differentiated but encapsulated in a gasric polyp.I would not think this would be genetic. What does her surgeon say about it? Diane

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I also have "poorly differentiated" and "diffuse signet cell type" adenocarcinoma. I had most of my stomach removed, followed by 5FU chemotherapy plus radiation. After that ended, my oncologist started me on the "XELOX" regimen (Xeloda plus oxaliplatin). I was wondering if anybody else received this treatment, or has any experience with it. 

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