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Patsy tells us...

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you have cancer! Anyone remember in Terms of Endearment when Debra Winger's character is ordering cake during a fancy lunch with her friend Patsy and Patsy's uppity friends? In response to that, a little later in the movie, one of the women says, in earnest, Patsy tells us you have cancer! Always cracks me up!

My little pick me up almost 30 years ago was that post radiation my poker straight hair got curly. I have saved thousands in perms over the years. And if I decide to blow it straight, all I need is a little humidity!


Laughter through tears, my friends!

susan smiles
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When my husband and I, first got my diagnosis for breast cancer, he was taking it much harder than I was. On the walk to the car he said to me : So, when are you going to have this Lobotomy? I started laughing and he looked at me like I was crazy, I said: So what you really think, has finally come out. It's a Lumpectomy, sweetie, not a lobotomy, but if that's what you think I should have it's o.k. by me. It broke the tension and we had a good laugh.
I started a new tradition, a comedy relief party for me and my friends. You have to dress up crazy, and plan to share something that will make everyone laugh. Pictures, jokes, stories, whatever... We only eat decadent desserts and laugh our heads off! How are you doing with your cancer?

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how funny! poor hubby lol

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Oh now that is truly funny! I nearly woke my husband who is sleeping next to me as i actually laughed out loud!

Thanks for the smiles,


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When my mom was in the hospital with her BC, the doctor came in while my husband an I were visiting. She looked at the doc earnestly and said "What about my libido?" The poor MD got red and flustered that this 80 yr old woman would be asking him for sexual advice, until I leaned over and said "Mom, I think you mean to ask him about your vertigo". Hee hee. It still makes me chuckle....

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I went to Chicago for IPT treatment for HER-NEU positive Breast cancer my daughter and 2 grandsons traveled with me, one was a new born and breast feeding, the other was 2 1/2 and had been weaned but apparently was feeling like he was missing out. We went swimming and I had put my new prosthesis on the air conditioner to dry out and when we were not looking, he went over and bit it, and was shocked and very disappointed! I had to call a medical supply shop and ask them what to do and they said to put some kind of medical tape on it right away because it would continue to crack. All we had in the room were "Elmo" band aids, and they did the trick, when I was able I put flesh colored medical tape over that, but wore "Elmo" over my heart for a long time.

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That is the best story ever told! I love it.
Children can surely make our day

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I loved it too...it reminded me how innocent and "matter of fact" kids are. When I lost my hair to chemo in 2006, I decided to just shaveit when it started falling out really badly, and my 10 year old daughter was so excited to use the clippers and do it for me!! :)

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Kids are just great that way. I started losing my hair during my second treatment and when I got home the kids thought I had gotten the coolest hair cut. My 4 year old said she wanted matching hair lol.

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I have 6 year old twin nieces, I was trying to explain the changes that were coming, I didn't want to scare them when I showed up bald. Well I said my hair is going to fall out, and I pulled out a little cause it hanging on by a wing & a prayer, Faith perks up, grabs a handful & says "I wanna try", caught me by surprise, but it cleared the air & we ended up laughing about it. My brother, her father was probably the most shocked, the look on his face was priceless. I think Faith is going to do that to him a lot !!!

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