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Am I still poisonous from chemo?

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Kerry S
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Joined: Dec 2009

I just had to drop in and tell you guys about this. Cracked me up!!!!

For you newbie’s I live in the back woods. For about 2 weeks I kept scratching my groin area. This is just something guys do. We come out of the womb knowing how.

Now we have a lot of ticks this year. So this groin scratching was getting to me. It was time to see what it was so after a lot of contortionist movements (Old guys don’t bend easy) I find this damn tick in me. Pulled him off and was ready to kill it. However the tick was dead!!! I think I still must have chemo in my system and that killed the little bugger. See, another positive side of cancer. Ticks die sucking on your blood. This is better then wearing a flea and tick collar.

Roger, I am damn glad to see you posting again. Get over the depression quick as you can. Like by Sunday. Then do me a favor, get a tick and see if you can kill it with all the crap you must have in your blood.


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LOL Kerry, you crack me up.

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Not many people can make cancer fun. You are a master!

With much appreciation,


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Wonder if it works that way on mosquitoes?? E

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you are simply a master with the bullchit.....No wonder you do so well...Those are tales that takes a special talent to come up with...Glad your here to liven this crowd up...Thanks for the show after my dinner.............Buzz

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Kerry S
Posts: 607
Joined: Dec 2009

I would also enjoy BSing with you. We be just be too far away.

Took another tick off last night on my ribs. I am sure he was only on me for a day. Was not dead, but he sure was not feeling good. Kind of looked like I did the last week of chemo/rad. His little legs just were moving very slowly before I smashed his ***. I was tempted to let him stay put and see if my blood would kill him like the other one.

I live in the foot hills of the Missouri Ozarks, 20 miles from town.

To the rest of you, thanks for the kind comments. I will continue to drop in every now and then. Have to keep the stage 4 newbie’s informed that they can beat this crap. Screw the stats.


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Yes you can beat this crap! I am coming up on 5 years next month and no sign of it anymore. Hang in there. If you can stand the cure, you can come out on the other side a stronger person. Jo Ann

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Hey Kerry,

It is great to see you here again! I guess that tick had no chance, beteen the chemo + you. I hope I never have to do the tick test to see if the chemo is still working! Keep smiling + making us laugh!

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Thanks for sharing. You gave both Dick and I a good laugh!


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Glad you found the tick and thanks for the good laugh. (Too bad that little chemo nurse wasn't around to help but the wife might have objected to that).

Now don't forget to come on the board and catch up with us once is a while.

Take care - Tina

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See, chemo isn't ALL bad! I've noticed mosquitoes do not find me as tasty as they used to

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I actually laughed out loud reading that!!

Like Phil, I find that mosquitoes won't even come near me. I asked my family yesterday if I smelled bad because everyone but me was bit. I was grateful!!

Posts: 810
Joined: Nov 2009

you know, I noticed that too, no mosquitoes near me at all, and everyone else is getting eaten alive!

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Out of curiosity just where in the backwoods do you live? My parents are live in the backwoods of New Hampshire, something about your posts remind me of that part of the country

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...the last time my Boyfriend and I went to the park, the flies were biting him more than me! I think they just like him better, though.
Kerry, you make me laugh!

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Kerry - That is just great! Funny story

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