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Joined: Jan 2010

Hi Everyone,

Well the feeding tube is gone. One more step in this process. The doc had to work at it a little to get it to deflate but once he did, it just slid right out with no pain. Pretty much uneventful. Still got it bandaged up so I don't know if it's going to look like a bullet wound or a second belly button or what. I will take a look at it tonight. Sure feels good to get that behind me. Prayers and thanks to everyone here.


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In about a week, the healing process will cause the hole to itch like crazy. The little hairs growing back in that area won't seem to help either. Steve, it's not easy due to where we live, but try to keep perspiration from staying too long around that healing area. By the end of July, you won't even know it was there.


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Be glad you didn't have the grit and pull model. That stings like the dickens on the way out. It has been 6 months since mine went and there is just a little red depression where it was. About the size of a pencil eraser. Congrats on this milestone.


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So glad to hear that you did not have any discomfort with the removal of the Peg Tube. Another chapter in your history book of LIFE. May you write many more chapters in the future.

I remember when you first came here looking for advice, now you will be giving advice as many do already. We all lurk, listen, and learn from the posts here. We can lean on the next board member when we are a bit dizzy from all the information thrown at us.

If I remember correctly, you like to fish, so, looks like a little fishing trip is in order : ).

My Best to You and Everyone Here

friend of Bill
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You won't miss it! Big milestone! My gastro said, "Ready?" and yanked it out. He went to medical school for this? My grandson could have done it for free.


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Good for you. It will make you feel almost normal again. Unlike a robotic monster with tubes sticking out. No more getting it caught on doors or sinks, or towels, or whatever. Walking without dangling, ell some of us can do that better than others, anyway -congrats!

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So happy for you!

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D Lewis
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Atta boy! Glad it's gone.

I'm convinced that my PEG is anchored in place with something the approximate size and shape of a wine cork. I've been warned about how hard a yank it's going to take to remove it. Eeek.


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Glenna M
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Congratulations Steve, I remember how excited I was to get mine out. Such a simple little thing but it made me feel so much more "normal" to have it gone!!

In no time at all you will forget it was ever there ;-)


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steve, that is awesome! now you can even feel like the healing process has truly begun. Congrats and Best wishes.

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Good deal Steve! Congrats. Here's moving on to the next step.

Kent Cass
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Joined: Nov 2009

Glad to hear you're there, Steve, and it went okay. Another Positive event.


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Congrats Steve, So how long was that post treatmnet? Just checking since I end my treatments next week! Congrats!


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Posts: 587
Joined: Jan 2010


I finished treatment April 9th


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Great to hear the PEG is gone Steve. Now you can get back into that slinky Lingerie !!

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Charles, great to see your new photo...you have come far.

Now that you have went through so much (much more than I think you realized you could initially), you should go back and read some of your older postings....be proud of your accomplishments.

You've come far, and are very close to being to that point of walking the walk that all of us have or are still going through. Some are just starting, very soon, you'll be one of the veterans here, giving your advice, experiences and suggestions. making it easier for those just starting the same journey that you have walked.

Congrats Charles....


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