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Peter is in hospice

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Three week ago I was in Hopkins to do a routine testing and CT scan for the upcoming clinical trial. They found my liver function close to failure, my billirubins is 10 times higher and I was running fever. I was hospitalized for three days. They cannot find any infections; the bile duct is not clogged. Their conclusion is my liver function is so low; it will do more harm than good to continue the treatment. So we agree to call in the hospice service.

You all have been part of my family. I will always remember your encouraging words and helpful advices. Don’t worry about me. I know where I am going and it is a much better place.

I wish you all the best.

Peter Hsi-Min Wu

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I am so disappointed to hear your news. I really appreciated all of the information that you sent me when I asked you about John Hopkins. I am praying for you. No one knows what is going to happen to them tomorrow. I tell myself that every day. We all need to live for today. I pray that you are peacfull, happy and enjoying life. As many others have mentioned there might be other things that can help you. Love, Brenda

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Peter, I am so sorry to hear of your situation. You and I kind of entered this chat site around the same time. You had the same diagnoses as my husband. I am sorry that your treatments and clinical trials did not work for you, hopefully they gained you more years with your family than if you hadn't tried. All I can say is, keep fighting - I know from experience that fighting and hoping can create miracles - maybe you will have one. But for now, I will say so long, not goodbye, it is never goodbye. Peace to you and your family, my husband and I will be praying for you and your family.


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