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Good Morning Everyone,
My question for today is, is it dangerous to catch a cold while going through Chemotherapy? Thanks and have a wonderful day.
Peace and Blessings,

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dont want to come down with anything that will tax your body/immunne system further. I made great effort to avoid people/animals while undergoing chemo/rad. Onc also had me off all but a multivitamin, further weaking me cos my appetite wasn't good then neither. As colds can get worse I'd want to avoid anything/place where you might catch something, if thats possible given your lifestyle, like if you have little kids, pets,have to work, travel etc. Should talk to onc about preventative measures, if needed. Hope all goes well with your chemo, Karen......It does get better......steve

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This included carrying hand sanitizer, and using it frequently, and avoiding large public enclosed gatherings.

It's best not to add anything when your immune system may be compromised, but you can't be neurotic - you have to keep on living.

Just make reasonable efforts to avoid infections, and tell your drs if you become sick.

Good luck!

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Any sickness can further deplete your energy. Try anything you can to stay away from large crowds.


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not givin advice just sayin......haha

I too tried to be really careful.....I did not even go to a movie theatre or other small spaces where people were coughing and sneezing.

I was lucky and had huby do all the grocery shopping and if I had to go I always cleaned the cart handle and asked people who knew they were sick....to not visit....

good luck hon


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I was dx in 3/09 with stage 4 cc. I have been doing chemo since then. My oncologists said it would be fine to keep working during chemo. I am a 7th grade Math teacher and have worked full time. I also have a 14 year old daughter who I do everything with. I do all my own shopping etc. My blood counts have been good, and I only had one minor cold in the last 13 months.

Good Luck,


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I work on a military base with people who have been all over the world, no telling what I may have been exposed to. I never got a cold or got sick. I did my best to remain healthy, I took sublingual B-12 and vitaman C daily and tried to eat healthy foods. I never got sick from a cold or virus, the Chemo made me sick, but that was to be expected. Just keep an eye on your weekly labs, they will indicate whether or not you should be in public or not.


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I have had a terrible cold over the past couple of weeks. My onc says as long as it's not accompanied by a fever, to just take OTC meds. If you have a fever, then go to the ER.


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