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Cat Scan Results

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Hi Everyone and Donald!

I went to get my cat scan results. And after getting the Zevalin in Dec. Everything turned out beutifully. Had to see the Nurse practioner, my dr was on vacation.
The only thing they worried about is that my last wbc March 31, my wbc was 4.0
Today it dropped to 2.7.
So they do not know why that is. But I dont go back till September 1st.
So we will see. But over all I am very happy today.
Good news for me for a change , whoo hoo.

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Hi again,

I just posted a comment to you and you must have posted your results at the same time. So happy for you! I think I'm the first on-line person to know and that's exactly what I signed on for -- good news about you. Praise the Lord for answered prayer.

Blessing to you Hilde.


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Awesome, I love to hear the joy of a good scan!!!!! I may start the road to Zevalin late this summer, glad for you!

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Hi HIlde,
I am so glad for your great news. God is good. Stay happy and healthy and enjoy your summer. It is hot in the Tampa Bay area and we are praying the oil spill doesn't come.

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Congratulations!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great scans are always a good thing!

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Oh Hilde I am so happy for you. What a blessed relief. You are a trooper and earned that well deserved good news. Breath deeply and often. Mary

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