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a quick after surgery question

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Just wondering if you guys experienced swollen feet after surgery. I'm thinking this is normal but just wondering .... We head back to the DR. for one week after surgery follow up this Thursday.

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Skid Row Tom
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At first, I was going to say "no". But my wife said "oh sure, because of all the IV fluids they pump in you during surgery". Not the prostate surgery, but I remember one surgery I had about ten years ago, I walked out of the hospital looking like the Michelin Man. She had to bring me sweat pants because I couldn't walk out in the clothes I walked in with.

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except my stomach just a little on the right side...probably from the bedside surgeon with a fulcrum in the far right incision site pushing things around and changing out instruments for the surgeon at the console running the robot. FY"I, It's on that right side that I have heard a risk of hernia can sometimes happen in the davinci procedure. Another reason to fully research the surgeon team if you choose to go with the davinci.

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My surgery was a week ago and no swollen feet.

During the surgery and 1 day in hospital, they had me wear compression socks and had these pneumatic calf cuffs compressing and releasing every 20 seconds. Maybe that is why I didn't have the swelling.

Good luck on the recovery!


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I had open surgery and I had swollen feet, legs, and scrotum for at least two weeks. Doctor said it was normal and eventually it cleared up.

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I now remember I had those at the Hospital to...that is to keep the blood clots from forming I believe.

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