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Sundance's DaVinci Surgery Date Now Set

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Well, our reservations have just been confirmed for our annual “getaway.” We’ve won an all-inclusive “Staycation” package down at our local resort hospital, located on the UTSW campus in Big D.

That’s right, friends - University of St. Pauls’s has more activities than your average lung patient can shake a stick at. Along with the surgery itself, our frequent traveler package includes: “Lodging, meals, round the clock bed-checks, along with amenities and activities galore.” Man, I hope my TV works, LOL:)

And the panoramic views, oh my! We’ll get to see the ICU, and our suite, the bathroom, and the hallways – and it’s all included at the same price – we won’t have to upgrade at all:)

And for a limited time only, we can enter their prize drawing. If you win, your next DaVinci surgery will have a price freeze – the rate won’t go up and you can have “Tomorrow’s Surgeries at Today’s Prices.” You can’t beat that!

Just like Walmart, they are “Rollin’ Back Prices.”

Ok, so I’m not as funny as some of our other family members…

For those of you that are “keeping score”, I’ve got my surgery date set now:

Thursday, July 8, 2010 @ TBD (early morning)

I know I will be there in the early morning – they will take me to Radiology, where they are going to insert a wire through me to help mark the tumor location – when I emerge from there, there will be a wire sticking out of the side of my chest – “Good Mornin’”, LOL:)

From there, I will go see the new DaVinci robot – the latest and greatest device available in the United States. I think I will end up being the #2 surgery that day, due to my radiology visit. And when the bell rings, Round II will be on:)

This will mark the 9th surgery in just over 5+ years for me. I’m fortunate to be in a position to have surgery as my option, so I’m just gonna’ shut up and take it. I can’t sit here and complain too loudly when my fellow brethren are fighting harder battles and in a worse situation than myself.

Right now, all I can say is that I’m concerned and apprehensive about taking another licking to the lungs so soon after the last surgery. I don’t know how to gauge my recovery – by all the things we judge someone from (appearance), I’m doing ok. Internally though, what you and I cannot see…I just don’t know.

I still hurt really good – I’m functional and improving, but surgery recovery takes a good year or more and I’ll be about 9-months removed. I’ve seen incremental improvement, and like most things with my case, I figure TIME is the great equalizer.

With this surgery (my 1st repeat organ surgery), I just can’t help wondering if “All the Kings’s Horses and All the King’s men, will be able to put Sundance back together again?”

Maybe, I’ve just plateaued and this is how I’ll be going forward. I’ll just have to let the calendar roll and get back with you on this question.

I know that having to continually take your beating and then still FIT into the “regular world” is no small task. Everyone expects you to be fully recovered and you’re just trying to catch your breath. As I’ve said before, it’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole sometimes.

Then, I think of how blessed that I still am – how far ahead of the game that I still am – and then I try not to moan about it too much – am glad that I can at least tell you guys some of this – where before I just played “mental ping pong” with these thoughts bouncing back across the net in my mind.

Anyway, enough about me for now.

I do have a special post that I’ll be releasing on Wednesday that I’ve been waiting awhile to talk about. I’m not sure how it will turn out – safe to say, I’ll sit down and stuff will start coming out – even I don’t know what I’ll say right now. Stay tuned if you are interested in that.

And as the day approaches, I’m sure I’ll have some parting words for the folks who have come to play a big part in my life and my journey, but we’ve still got time for that.

Always a pleasure to sit here and talk with you all this mornin’ :)


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Hi Craig,

I'm sure that you'll do just fine with this surgery, you're a fighter after all! My thoughts will be with you on the 8th. Best wishes always, Cynthia

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Going for round two with the DaVinci. Sure that things will turn out just fine. It's tough the more surgeries you have the harder it is to gain your strength back so you are going to have to take it easy when you get home. You know that you are always being thought of and wishing only the best for your surgery outcome. Glad you don't have to play mental ping pong ball with yourself anymore and you have us to talk to. Keep us posted.


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Good to hear you have surgery set. I love the humor in you, and it is good you can have laughter in all of this. I can understand how people expect you to be your old self. Noone can relate to the physical and mental pain you are going through unless they have experienced it themselves.
You are and will continue to be in my prayers.

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Best of Luck, you will be in our thoughts


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Happy that you have a date set. this roller coaster just keeps on going. I have faith that all will be well and you will come out of this just fine!!!!!

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sticking out, don;t want to blow a fuse now, doya?.......steve

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Great you have a time and date set. I hope they get it all this time, your post put a smile on my face, you are damn funny..lol, I like how you open your posts, but your post on Wednesday better be about nothing bad! I look forward to anything you write, especially if it puts a smile on my face. :)

I'll be talking to you before your surgery anyway, and hopefully Kim. How's the puppy doing? He taking up your bed yet? I know that you'll be ok during this surgery Lion, you are always in my thoughts, and we are all pulling for you! ;)

~Chicky :)

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You crack me up man! Great writing as always! Keep slugging and speedy recovery.

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Thanks for the surgery update. I was thinking of you yesterday and wondering...So, one month from tomorrow? I hope you know we are all pulling for the very best outcome and we'll continue to do so.

If you feel like moaning Craig, then go ahead and moan.You are not Superman, although you are a close second:)Sometimes a big loud moan helps release the anxiety.( Just trying to make you smile ).

Looking frwd.to your Wednesday thoughts.


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So glad your surgery date is set...waiting for the play by play coverage.

PS if the robot touches that wire you get a shock just like the game Operation! j/k (obviously)

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Hi Craig,

Thanks for the update. I have this feeling that you are going to come out of this really well (not that I am psychic or anything!) but I think you have an amazing attitude, a great sense of humour + you have successfully had surgery before; you have an idea of what to expect. You are also having your surgery at a nice time of year, with the summer to help you recover. Actually I am not sure if that is as important when you live in Texas, compared to say southern Ontario, Canada. I will definitely be thinking about you on July 8th + I am looking forward to your Wednesday post.

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Hi anne!! let's just keep these Canuck good wishes together here.

Craig I am very glad to hear you have a date. Like Anne I too have this feeling that this one is going to go very well. I have CEA results in oncology on the 17th and then hope to head out to the cabin in the north. I am off the grid there so no power no water no nuddin...oh and no docs no oncs no ceas's and no chemo....sooo here's sending you all the best sweetie....thinkin of you


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We are sure that the results of this surgery is what you have been looking for!

I'll certainly keep you in my thoughts and prayers!



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Glad to know that you are on the schedule! I know you will do well. I feel your concern - I just completed the take down - which is 2 surgeries in 10 months...and boy did this one clean my clock! Fatigue is a major issue for me - but maybe it is the last 10 months of treatments and the first surgery that is now catching up with me!

I certainly do wish you the very best and know that you will be strong and be back on CSN ASAP!

Fight like a man and WIN!

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Hey, Craig.

I'm glad you have a surgery date. I'll be praying for you all the way! Tell the medical staff that we insist on top notch treatment for you, because we will miss you so much while you're away.


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You are having surgery on my birthday. I`ll be celebrating my 40th while you are hooked up to machinery with a big imposing robot looming over you. I hope liitle Davinci gives you a pep talk before you go in. He`s not very big but he`s spunky.


Fight for my love
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Too many surgeries,that's enough.Hopefully this is last one.Best luck to you.Take care.

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You are heading into this the way we would expect, with humor and grace. We all know how tough this is going to be for you, mentally! I find it to be harder and harder each time because of the memories from prior procedures. Doesn't matter how the final outcome gave us more time, in the dark hours we remember the bad parts and those are what make it so tough! You are tough and I'm sure will be able to get your mind wrapped around it and be in the place you need to be when July 8th comes rolling around. You'll have a lot of people rooting and praying for you!

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Well your vacation plans don't make me want to jump up and down for joy or anything. And we do what needs to be done. So I'm just gonna tell you how much your attitude, your thorough planning and researching your options, your perseverance and your openness, and the love that you show so willingly, really thrills me a whole lot more.

The following has been helpful to me lately so I'll pass it on to you:

Ranier Marie Rilke
Letters To A Young Poet
Letter 8
Borgeby gard, Fladie, Sweden
August 12, 1904

"So you mustn't be frightened, dear Mr. Kappus, if a sadness rises in front of you, larger than any you have ever seen; if an anxiety, like light and cloud-shadows, moves over your hands and over everything you do. You must realize that something is happening to you, that life has not forgotten you, that it holds you in its hand and will not let you fall."

I'll be thinking of you and holding you too.

all the best, Leslie

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So glad to hear that the date is set. Know that I am rooting for you to be victorious in this battle! You are strong and determined, a potent combination. Keep you spirits up, I know the waiting will be difficult.

I have to share this with you, I substituted tonight at a friends Bunko group. The hostess had a two year old golden named "Bentley". He was beautiful, all 115 lbs of him. I have never seen a golden so large. Sweet personality and so well behaved. Couldn't help but think of you and Sundance and of course, Harley.

Take care my friend,

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Congratulations on getting surgery scheduled. I know it will be rough but with your spirit, you can't help but come out of this just fine. I loved your description of your "staycation". David and I are on one Now at MDA in Houston. Just know that you have legions of fans on hhis board who will be saying prayers and cheering you on. You are such a bright beacon of hope and strength for everyone and David and I truly wish you the best.

Hugs and Healing,

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Hey Craig,

I love your way with words. I'm glad you let us know of the new surgery date & I'll also be looking forward to Wednesday- you've piqued my curiosity. I have chemo Wed in the a.m. and should make it back in time to my daughter's school in the afternoon for her award's ceremony and dance performance- so I probably won't read your post until late that day.

I know it's taking a lot to pull yourself together for yet another surgery, and so soon. But, as you know, you can and will do this! Interesting about the wire. :~

Take care and keep us posted!


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I am so thrilled for you that the surgery date is set (as thrilled as one can be about someone having to undergo another cancer surgery!). As always, I am in your corner and pulling for you. I know that it must be difficult to gear up for yet another surgery. I hope you can draw a little strength from knowing that you are dear to so many people and that tons of people are thinking of you and wishing you a successful surgery.

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The staycation you described, put a big grin on my face, thanks for that bud. I know you will come out of this okay, you always have such a positive outlook. You are truly an inspiration to so many on this board. I will be thinking and praying for you before the surgery, during and after. Thanks for all you do here.


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This is enough already! Let's make this the LAST Staycation package that has words like ICU and bed checks attached to it.

I'm glad you have your date set and hope this finally all gets resolved - no more surgeries!

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I will keep you in my Prayers. At least you still have your humor! Keep positive thoughts, I think that helps a lot. God Bless you, you have been through so much and you still seem so strong. Take care. Margaret

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Can you PM me your address? I would like to send you something during your recovery!


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Paula G.
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Good luck, Craig! My hope for you is that you will bounce back quick. So many surgeries. You are right that it is a great thing to have that option. We are all pulling for you. Paula

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I wish that we were still in Texas and I would definately plan to visit you
in the hospital. You know that I wish nothing but the best for you.....and
others do the same. We will miss you while you're away, so fill our plates
up now with your very moving posts and maybe that will hold us until you return to us

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