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Been a year

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Well, it's been one year since I had my last RCHOP treatment. So far so good. I have had two CTscans and both came back negative...Woo Hoo! I was dxed with follicular nhl on March 17 of 09. I did six rounds of RCHOP. Not the best thing to have to do, but I was able to work, but it wasn't always fun LOL. I know this is early to celebrate, but I want everyone to know that YOU can beat this.....so far I have and I will again if it ever shows it's face.

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Congrats to you Denj on your accomplishment. Keep the faith and keep up the fight! It will be 2 yr. for me June 10, so yes, it is possible to beat, but not alone. Good luck to you!
Stay Strong and Positive†

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This is Britta. I've been trying to look at your blog, but don't know how or where to access. Can you help me please?

Thank youl

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Hi britta,
The blog is not really a blog, but, if you mouse over my username "donald51" and click, it will take you to my "about me" page. Look for the tab that say's "blog". That should do it. Thanks!

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