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Back with a vengeance

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Well everyone, I had my 3 month scans over the past 2 weeks (pet/ct). The cancer is back in my liver and lungs. I'm being enrolled in a phase II study. All prayers are welcomed!


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I am so very, very sorry. I follow your journey. Gosh girl you have done everything right. I just hate this disease. If you check the colon club their members have tons of info on there on clinical trials. Peter on this forum is starting his 3rd clinical trial so maybe he could be of some help to you. If you list the clinical trial, maybe someone has some information on it or someone on the colon club has info on it.

I have told George your story, how you just don't give up, the surgeries you had, etc., well, just don't give up now. If you want any members to do some research for you please, just ask. I'm not very good at it but there are several on here who are very good at understanding the medical stuff.

Again Sherri, I am so very sorry you are facing this again after all you have been through.

Hugs - Tina

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My prayers are with you keep us posted


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Hi Sheri,

I am so sorry to hear this. As Tina said, you are an inspiration + a fighter. I hope this clinical trial beats this monster to a pulp!

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Sheri, I'm so sorry you got this news. I'll be praying for you!


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Prayers are coming your way. So sorry you have to go through this but the more we
go through and survive the stronger we get God is watching over you.


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Oh Sheri,

I am so sorry. I am praying for you and your loved ones.

Big Hugs and Prayers,

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I'm so sorry Sheri and will be praying for you to find your peace and strength in Him. Hold on to your hope girl.

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You got my prayers coming your way right now. Hope all comes out for the best results and you do fine in your journey.


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I am so sorry that things have taken this turn after all the challenges you have faced. It would have been nice to have this cancer stuff all done with, I know, but you will start this trial with the tremendous amount of grace and courage that I know you have and you will be victorious again. As you know, I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. If I was there next to you I would hold you tight in my arms. As I am not there, I send you not just a virtual hug, but a virtual embrace that would hold you so tightly that you would know you are in my heart and you will be ok.

Love to you,

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Sorry to hear the news. What is the study you're being enrolled in? We have so many similarities in our cancer situation, that I'm interested in what you'll be doing. So sorry you've had to deal with this setback. I know you and I share the belief that God is still there through this all. He will sustain you...

Hugs and prayers,

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Dear Sheri,
Oh how this hurts. I know it is not at all what you wanted to hear. This disease is so nasty in its ability to surprise us. You bet you will be in my prayers. I hope and pray the study drug kicks cancers butt.


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Thank you guys. Your words, thoughts and prayers mean so much to me.

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I am so very sorry to read this news! Sounds like you are doing the right thing now enrolling in some trials. Maybe you can get into the one that was fast tracked by the FDA. Keeping you in my prayers!

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Hi ya', Sherrie

Been so long since I talked to you. I thought you were on the upswing after your last lung surgery. I remember thinking you and I had lung surgery in similiar time frames, but it sounded like you were doing so much better in your recovery. I thought "How is Sherrie doing that?" I suppose you're just tougher than me, LOL:)

But seriously, I thought you were recovering and I wished I had felt that good. It's very upsetting to read your latest post today. Knocks the wind back out of your sails when you know someone who is fighting hard and things turn on you.

Recurrence is always the toughest thing with our journeys. It's what makes the cancer the formidable enemy that it is.

You have weathered many storms and we've ridden along with you as you tackle one after another - and we'll all be here this time too.

It looks the light is shining on you now - and you will help lead the way on these clinical trials that you are enrolled in. Your spirit and attitude is the stuff of legends and I have no doubt that your faith will keep you strong in the many days ahead.

Thinking of you...

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I am so sorry to hear that you are back at the battle again. Stay strong and I know you will fight hard!

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It pains me so much to read your post. I got my CT scan and I'm cancer free then to read that one of my friends is not just takes my breath away. I'm holding you in my thoughts.


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will keep you in my prayers and i am sorry.


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I am so sorry to read this!

Prayers and good vibes going your way!!

Love and Hugs


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Paula G.
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So sorry to hear this, Sheri. I hope the study will help you. What are the drugs in your study? Keep us updated. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Paula

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I'm so sorry to hear this. I've been rooting for you and continue to do so. Lots of love and comfort coming your way. I hope this study does the trick.

all the best, Leslie

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Sorry to hear of this. I was part of a Phase II (or III) study years ago that worked well. You're in my thoughts

Fight for my love
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You are in my prayers.Having a plan is always good.I hope your clinical trial goes well.Take care.

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so sorry to hear this. Holding you in the Light for hope and healing.

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Sorry to hear this has happened. Glad you alkready have a new plan in place. Keep fighting. You will be in my prayers. Keep us posted


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Oh Sheri, my heart aches for you. Prayers lifted ((hugss))


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Sorry to hear after you have gone through so much that it still returns. Although at times you may get discouraged it is only natural but do not dwell on it just keep going on and fight a good fight.

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I am really sorry to hear this, but glad you are enrolled in a study. I hope it works for you & kick this cancer it's a$$! I'll be thinking of you.

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That news just sucks so bad, just breaks my heart. I will be praying for you, stay strong and keep the faith...


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Sending prayers!!!

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I'm so sorry to hear this. Keep us updated on what your next plan of action is. Finding a clinical trial sounds like a great thing to do now. You are in my prayers.

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Sorry you have to go thru this I will keep you in my prayers


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You will be in my prayers daily and don't ever think you're alone thru this..Many people will pray for you and there is a lot of power in prayer!!!

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Nana b
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Major Bummer....hate to hear this!

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I am sorry you have to continue to go through this.
Good news- there is a trial and you are in it. I hope it shrinks everything into NOTHING!

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Hope you are doing OK today.

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Linda Z
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Hang in there Sheri. My prayers are with you. You go Girl!!!

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