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kkstef please

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Sorry to 'new thread' you but I have trouble navigating back to [ie finding] the subject!! Am interested to know if you found any difference in your neuropathy when you gave the alpha lipoic a break?

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I did notice an improvement when I started the alph lipoic acid and I took it for almost a year. I really have not noticed a change since I quit Alpha Lipoic acid. I have read several posts elsewhere that some people found Alpha Lipoic Acid 6oo mg. twice a day to be very helpful. I was taking 600 but I didn't start on it until well after the fact.

I think by the time I quit the neuropathy was probably as good as it is going to get. I wish I would have tried it earlier!

Best wishes....Karen

Posts: 145
Joined: Sep 2009

Thank you Karen. I take 3 x 200 daily and it seems to be helping...kind of localising the tingles if that explains it?! I will continue as I have only been trying this for a short time and as they also say that it does have alternative benefits re cancer I figure it can't do any harm!
I watch this board with interest as it is so informative....can't contribute much as our health system here is so different....but I do feel that I know you all and wish you well.

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