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Prayers Needed

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Hi All,

I always know where to go when I need help and support. I got a call from my daughter yesterday, she said that she went to her doctor because of some bleeding when she went to the bathroom, she of course told him about me and my history. So she is scheduled for a colonoscopy on May 14, 2010. She is only 18 and she is scared. I am going to be positive, and keep my faith that this will not be cancer. I feel confident that even if it were that it is in the early stages and she wont have to go through the crap I had to.

I would just like to ask for all the prayers I can get, the good vibes, well wishes and anything that anyone is offering.

Please keep her in your thoughts as the next two weeks go by until she has her appointment.

Thank you, everyone here is just the best ever!!!

God Bless

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I will continue to pray for your daughter.

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thoughts and prayers go out to you and your daughter.

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I am so sorry for you to have this worry. I am glad that her doctor is being thorough. My thoughts are with you + your daughter, hoping for a great outcome. Please let us know the results when you find out. Take good care!

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How sad, I hate to hear about children being sick (yes even teenagers, they'll always be our little children in our eyes ;)

I wish the best for her, and you all of course have my prayers, I am sure it could be something very minor. I remember seeing blood in my stool one day, and it turned out to be all this fruit punch I was drinking, I felt so dumb LOL..

I'll be waiting to hear from you about her, and hope everything turns out just fine!


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Here comes mine.


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Hoping all is ok - with you as her guide, she is in fine hands:)


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Ya know, no matter how old they get, they will always be our babies, and worry we will, just like we did when they were babies.

I'm glad she got right on this thing and like you said, if it is something, it is early. Try not to be scared but, that is impossible until you get the call from her that all is clear.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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I will keep your daughter in my thoughts and Prayers. Pray all goes well! God Bless. Margaret

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I knew I could count on all of you. I will keep everyone posted.

Thanks again


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I know exactly how you feel, because I went through the same worry with my son, about 2 months ago. I have been after him for more than 3 years to get tested, but everytime I asked him about going, he will say he was fine, he promised me he would do it this year as one of his New Year Resolutions,well the thing is that I asked him again about symtoms like rectal bleeding etc and I freaked out when he told me that it happened like twice, my world stoped at that moment, to make a long story short a colonoscopy was done and everything was clear, I started crying like a baby, of course hapiness tears, so relax I'm sure your daughter will have the same results,just hemorroids, I will keep you in my prayers anyhow.

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She just had the baby...Im thinking hemorroids also.....prayers for a good outcome just the same.....Love ya, Buzz

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Hoping all is well. I know I would be freaking out if it were my daughter but like some have said we are hoping for hemorroids. Never thought I'd be hoping someone had hemorroids.....;(

My thoughts and best wishes are with you and your daughhter.


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From your lips to God's ears, I just dont know what I would do if she got sick. But thats not going to happen, God is going to take care of her and me.

Thank you so much


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I will be praying for your daughter,I hope it's just something she ate.

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you got it. I am sending you all the "good stuff" I can.

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For her as well as you! I'm sure it will be nothing. My youngest had a scare and after asking her many questions, it turned out she had started taking fiber but ignored the advice of increasing her fluid intake and was having hard uncomfortable stools, which was causing tearing when passed. She increased her fluid intake and the problem went away.

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Oh Beth! It's one thing for you to be sick...but to have to watch your child go thru illness when there's nothing you can do for her would be horrible! I know first hand!! Believe me, I am praying that this will turn out to be something comoletely minor that can be cleared up immediately. Keep your head up and your faith strong!


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I dont even want to think about it being something bad, I know its going to be ok, just have to be more cautious because of my history.


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Of course I will hold your beautiful daughter in my prayers. I will be praying to you too. I know how hard it is when your child is going through health issues. It is absolute torture. I pray that you both can get to a place of peace over the next few weeks.
Take care friend, she will be fine.


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You bet I'll be praying. Didn't she just have a baby? Maybe it's hemmorhoids from having the baby. Yes, prayers on going up right now for her- please keep us informed.


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Her baby is 6 months old now, today is her very first Mothers day. This Friday will be her test, wish I could be there, but will have my SIL call me right after. Will keep everyone informed.


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I just wanted to tell you that I most certainly will pray for your daughter and that her results are only good news. I'm so glad she's having this checked out but feel sure it's probably something minor.

Hope the new locale is starting to feel like home!

Fight for my love
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Your daughter sure is in my prayers.Best luck and best wishes to her.

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Will keep you and your daughter in my prayers!

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you can add me to the list of prayer warriors for you and your daughter.

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I really appreciate your prayers, and so does my daughter...


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How scary for all of you. I'll be holding you all in the light and hoping for the best possible outcome.


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Will definitely keep her in my prayers. Please keep us informed. Hoping that with her only being 18 that it is fissures or something not serious.


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Hi, Beth.

I'm sorry. I've been rather erratic with being on here the past few days and missed this post before. I will pray for your daughter. I know you are scared out of your mind.


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Dear Beth,
GOD is a great listener. I will keep your whole family in my prayers. Stay positive and focused and let GOD do the rest. Happy Mother's Day.
Peace and Blessings,

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He is in the drivers seat, nothing more I can do.

Thank you


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I would be scared to have a colonoscopy at 18 (just the procedure alone) and knowing that there is a family history would be more than unsettling. I'm hoping it will be a piece of cake compared to having a baby. I will pray for both of you. Have a great Mother's Day.

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sending all best wishes and hopes and hugs...down from the very cold north today...yikes it's like 30 degrees for Mother's Day...hope not too many picnics were planned...

all the best to both you and your daughter Beth


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Let your daughter know your emotions. My children thought for a while they didn't want to share with the one person they could tell their fears to because as we all know, even our kids try to act brave for us. They felt as if I'd gone through so much that they didn't want to add any more to my plate. I finally got them to understand that they don't protect me when they don't lean on me it punishes us both. That "be strong" is hog wash. Sharing your fears and strengths is what helps us all have hope.
Plus the Big Guy upstairs, His strenghth comes out during our weakness.
My heart is with you, when something happens to us thats one thing ,but one of my kids that paralyzes me.
My prayers

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I wish you and your daughter the best. My 24 year old daughter just went through the same thing about a month ago. She went in for diarrhea, then constipation then bleeding. My surgeon did an endoscopy and then a colonoscopy. Her colon was clear (except the hemorrhoids of course) but her stomach was a different deal. :) It's all good and he diagnosed her as having IBS. That's something I can live with. It's dang scary when your kids are having problems. I sympathize with you. You worry and wait until it's over. Please, don't worry and let God handle it for you. You're both in my prayers. :)

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