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captain's log 042410

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Captains log 042410..... Eight days previous, I arose from bed, looked in the mirror pointedly at each and every hair follicle, and proclaimed with a deep and demanding voice much like that of Zeus, "Let the follicular recharge....BEGIN!" However, during the course of the following week, daily inspections have found my troops oblivious to the importance of our mission. I consistently find that they blatantly continue to ignore my demands. I consider myself a fair and judicious leader, but their persistent unwillingness to follow orders leaves me pondering what to do. "Punishment," you say? Perhaps, yes, this may for a time regain their attention, however the root of the problem would either remain unsolved or sustain further damage. "A pep talk," you suggest? Out of the question. Pep talks are for puppy dogs and little children. No, no. .....If these young soldiers want to be at the helm of the ship, they will be present for duty at the required time and standing at full attention when instructed.... I am at a loss. It appears....the troops of today simply aren't of "the stuff" of troops passed. I will continue to ponder this....this quandry........ Emily out.
(beep beep electronic star trek noises)

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Captain, analysis shows this to be the result of alien lifeforms. Further analysis shows these lifeforms to be aggressively hostile to our own lifeforms but strangely benign as well.

I find that illogical, Captain, but also hopeful.

Strange [eyebrow raising].

Suggested course of action, Captain, is to ignore the follicles for the time being, as it appears they will return to their former acceptably submissive state, perhaps even exhibiting color and texture that are new and pleasingly so.

[transmission ended]

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Maybe the troops are there but under a Romulan cloaking device?????

Thanks for the laugh. I did not have chemo, but radiation. I only lost the bottom half of my hair from top of ears down. I sported my do like a new fashion trend. Funny, did not catch on. ??

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They will submit to their basic previous form. Perhaps if interfaced with the replicator the process could be accelerated.

You crack me up--congrats on the end of chemo

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LOL, thanks and congrats!

Don't scare the troops though or they'll tighten up into curls!
And, your hair will be sooo SOFT and beautiful.

I do miss my bananna curls though. I'm back the the straight locks and now fightin' Ms. Gray.

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