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CSN Wish List

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Are there things you'd like to be able to do on the forums? I'd like to suggest...

I'd like to make members post searchable! Since most people don't sign each post or thread, you can't search an old member and read their journey or a newer member to find their story. Think 'Find all posts by pookiesusie54.'

I'd like to have the ability to 'ignore' certain people. That would allow those who disagree on certain things (think religion or anti-chemo drugs as examples) to avoid posts from people who get under their skin. :-D

Anyone else have a 'wish list'?


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... I am one of those people you would like to ignore, but let me say that I am astonished by the realization that you average 4.5 posts PER DAY in the discussion area! Wow!

With respect to your wish list, I agree that it would be useful to be able to search through a member's posts. It should also be an easy fix for the folks doing the programming for this site. After reading your post, I went to the search area, played around, and left feeling that it was a weak feature of this area but one that is ripe for the sort of enhancement you suggest. I was able to search for my name, for example, within other people's posts and that seems to work well, while I could not do as you wish and search for a list of all of my posts. I would think that searching by poster would be even easier than searching the actual text for references, so maybe they will give you this one. Put me down for this one, too.

As for the IGNORE button, that would be a bit more difficult, I think, and even problematic. The issue would arise for you in reading responses and finding references, for example, to responses you could not read. Let's say for example, that you hit the dreaded IGNORE button for me. Then, while in this Humor board, you read a response from someone that said, "I agree with what soccerfreaks said." That's not likely to happen, I know :), but if it did, you would have no idea what I had said.

I do appreciate your concern in that regard. I can handle even people I disagree with continually, but apparently like you there are a few (in my case one) who stick in the craw and make what should be anything BUT an unpleasant place to be an unpleasant place to be.

Just some thoughts.

My personal wish list would begin with a much more stable chatroom. Removal of dual postings of blog entries to the Expressions area (I don't want to force my entries on the entire CSN community, and I DO want people to have to go to the blog to read those entries). A bit more liberal censorship software setup: chemotherapy cocktail should not read as chemotherapy ****tail, beaver should not read as ******; the censorship actually accentuates the very words they are trying to negate.

It would be very cool (since this is a wish list) if the image a person was displaying as he/she wrote a post/response stayed with that post/response after the person changed the image. I know that this one would be difficult due to storage and speed issues, but it would be nice if member accounts would not disappear due to lack of use over time, as they do. (I know that one is virtually inconceivable at this time.) I would like for them to stop doing maintenance or whatever it is they do at about 2:30PM EDT every day, which brings the site to a crawl IF you can get in at all. That stuff should happen in the wee hours of the morn when traffic is at a minimum.

Okay, done with mine.

Take care,


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My wish list would also be for the chat room. For quite some time it seems to not be up and running more then it is running. I also would like to see the chat box able to go full screen for those of us that type slower or have problems following the chats when there is a fuller room. I also would love to see a place in the chat room where you could have a list of people you frequently chat with with a space you could put a comment in (that would only be on your screen). That way if you can't get in to chat frequently you would be able to see who you have chatted with in the past and what notes you might have listed by their names eg. type of cancer they have or location etc.
That is just my wish list for the chat room.

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I have clicked on it several times and it has never opened for me. I figured it did not work. I know other sites have the "ignore" feature. I am sure they could do it here.

I would like to have the option to reply on the thread OR directly to the person in private while in that thread. Not sure if I am making sense there.

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you say "For all I know...
... I am one of those people you would like to ignore"

Till now, Joe, I have found your posts consistently thoughtul and respectful.

Am I missing something :)


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Hi Diane,

don't know if you're still on the board as your profile won't come up but I agree with being able to do a search of all posts by a single member. Some people's experiences you might relate to more closely than to others, or you might just like the way that they write.

As for 'ignoring' people, I like that idea only because some people really do get offended by other people's points of view or by their way of expressing them. To me, that's valid, even if there's no malice intended at all - simply because we must all be careful to nurture own state of calm. For some, people who express opinions that are very different and which sit uncomfortably with us might be best avoided. Not necessarily because they express those opinions in a confrontational way, but just because we need to keep close to our chest those beliefs that most comfort us. Much better not to read what is disquieting than to be part of, or witness to, anything that puts us out of touch with our own heart.

The purpose here is a healing one. Personally, I love debate and am not easily given to offence, but I find it totally valid that many people - especially feeling as vulnerable as we are in the face of our own mortality, have the need to say "I need to do this for my own wellbeing".

No-one else can know exactly what it is that someone else needs, so we must make that choice ourselves, without guilt or fear.

Hugs, Diane (( ))


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It would not make life very exciting to just have only ones opinion. I don’t have to like or dislike everyone post as most of the time if I don’t agree with something I offer my opinion and leave. Yes there are times when others become exceptional disagreeable but I guess that is why we have freedom and the right to express our opinion. God bless the USA.

Did you hear the one about the two grapes, the one said to the other let’s get out of here before we get in to a JAM..

Life is just soooo good

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Posts: 345
Joined: May 2011

slipping bye, Hondo
Take care,

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