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Anti-Cancer Diet

Baby girl 6900
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How do you prevent is there a anti-cancer diet I am reseaching this topic so that I can help others. My uncle died from cancer at 19 years old I am trying to help others and myself eat healthy and fight against cancer.Can any one help?

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Nana b
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Try the anti cancer book, can't remember the author but if you google it, it will come up

Greens, Kale, Spiniash, Celery, Cabbage, Carrots
Juicing Add Apple for sweetness and carrots
No Red Meat
Organic or very good washed fruit and Veggies
flax see or powder or goil
olive oil

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There are many diets or so called anti-cancer diets. IMO, there are healthy diets and unhealthy diets. No diet can cure cancer. Each cancer is patient specific therefore if one diet works for someone surely it won't work with someone else because we are all different. Instead, what we should focus on is - QUALITY. Quality foods help us get quality stuff into our system. The main point IMO should be - boosting our immune system and getting our blood in order. Get these two things right and you have a pretty good ammunition to fight it.

All these books and DVDs out there on anti-cancer stuff are not worth a penny...all you can get from it is a practical experience.

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The book (The Anticancer: A New Way of Life) written by David Servan-Schreiber, MD has a comprehensive plan for improving your chances of long-term survival after cancer as well as cancer prevention.

The doctor himself had brain cancer that was treated conventionally but the tumor came back. He's been cancer free for about 17 years now after searching the scientific research and creating his own plan to keep himself cancer free.

Check him out on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaDt3AJQ98c

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