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Pain, soreness, cramping, and hardening of neck occuring about eight months after radiation

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In January of last year, at age 20, I was diagnosed with a mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the salivary gland. I had one surgery removing just the gland then a second scraping the area where the gland was and removing all the lymph nodes on the right side of my neck. I had radiation without incident - with the exception of losing my taste buds - but I experienced no pain at all. My flexibility was fine following all the surgeries and the radiation, but recently, about seven months after my radiation ended, I have began experiencing pain and tension in my neck. My neck seems hard on the right side, though I think I can feel some scar tissue just under my skin (I do have a five inch long scar on my neck). If I lean my head forward for a while or put a lot of tension on my muscles, they bow out on that side and tense up. Also, I will wake up with them being sore and aching. This only began within the past month or so. Since it has started I've been rubbing/massaging my neck a lot and stretching it throughout the day but it doesn't seem to cure it. It isn't constant but it is happening often enough to be a painful annoyance. Anyone experience anything similar, or does anyone know what this is? I was supposed to have a follow-up meeting with my doctor this week but he canceled and I don't know when I will be able to ask him these questions.

Thank you.

- Angela

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I too had surgery on my throat, and saw the doctor yesterday. i'm having problem with breathing in the morning, he thought maybe i had a bacterial infection, so we will see in 2 weeks, I tak hydros to get the food down, tired of struggling for a breath, I am trying to svoid the trach, I'm not handling this well at all. swallowing is like a bad sore throat, doctors can't give give any good answers and was told could be another experimental look around, AGAIN!...Whis i could give you more infor a more positive info..keep watching for me to see what happens. dennis

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I have uterine cancer and had hysterectomy and chemo plus radiation to the pelvic area. I've experienced much tightness and pain in the pelvic area. I finished my last treatment last July and took me until January to start the pelvic pain. Most people I've spoken with, claim radiation just burns and tightens up the surrounding joints and muscles. Could this be it in your case?

If you can't visit the doc, why not call and ask to speak with an RN or assistant. They can always relay the question to your doc and get an answer vs. waiting and worrying.

Best to you...

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