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Penile Implant

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I received my Inplant almost 2 years ago and although it's better then having total E.D. I find that I don't have the Libido I once had and my pumped up erection lacks the Girth I once had. Eveything seems smaller all the way around. I guess the biggest problem is the lack of the Libido. Is it all in my head or does anyone feel the same?

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drive or libido is a hormone induced feeling..... you may want to talk to your doctor about testosterone replacement... that is the primary issue regarding libido and there are excellent topical meds for that.... jm

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That is true. On the hormone shot there is no libido- no drive- no interest- just fond memories......

Talk about dead as a door nail.....

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I bookmarked the following penile implant video after I saw it. It's very graphic. I just hope that I never have to undergo this procedure for ANY reason.

See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv7QunNMKhk&feature=related

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But...if you could not get a sex life any other way I suppose it would be one of the most spontaneous ways to get the job done. I wonder if a person with an implant is capable of orgasm...they are different nerves than erectile nerves so I would think so. I am not sure where those nerves are and if this implant surgery would affect them.

I am so fortunate.

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