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Caregiver info

Susan W
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My mom just found out that she has a large mass on her right lung. My mom does not drive and lives 1 hour from the doctors, I have decided to take a FMLA from work to take care of her. Does anyone have any info on people that take care of others that get paid. I remember when my mother in law was sick and a friend was paid to take care of her. I don't know where to turn or look for this information. Thanks

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I am not familiar with such a program, Susan, but can at least provide some starting places for seeking financial assistance, among other things. Here is a small list:


This site is put up by the National Institute of Health or some such, and is government-supported.

Cancer Care, a non-profit org., offers free support and counseling for cancer patients by oncology social workers. They have face-to-face counseling and counceling on the phone. Support groups on the phone are available too and are moderated by an oncology social worker. Call 800-813-HOPE. They can also give you info about financial resources. Check their website: www.cancercare.org

Gilda's Club - www.gildasclub.org - they offer free social and emotional support. Not sure if they may have financial information but check it out just in case.

Live Strong - www.livestrong.org - offers one-on-one support.

American Cancer Society (here) can also give you financial, support, etc. information available in different cities.

I hope that among these you will be able to find what you need. You might also seek some assistance from churches and/or community groups along with local charities that can help with things like transportation and visits (the locals I am thinking of are generally dedicated to someone who was a victim of cancer, and these are generally known by ACS).

Best wishes to mom and her family and friends.

Take care,


Susan W
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Joined: Mar 2010

Joe,thanks so much for all the info you posted. Any and all info is appreciated. When I went to p/u the pain patch it was 246.00 and she has no prescription insurance and only living on social security. It is a disgrace that seniors have to make a choice on such things. Thank goodness my mom has 6 children that are very supportive and helpful. Take care.

Susan W

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I am so thankful that my mother is in Australia and financial concerns have not had a part in her disease and treatment. I can't imagine how stressful it would be to deal with cancer AND having to decide what treatments you can afford. Sounds like your mother is lucky to have you.

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