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Three Days Dry

shane59's picture
Posts: 86
Joined: Jan 2010

Hi all 3 days in a row Dry yahoo will try no pads for my 3 days of work ,i think my firm fitting underdaks is the key .I found loose fitting underpants made me very uneasy and when walking I didn,t have the same confidence or control . I only say this as it may help others who feel uncertain when out in public . Dry every night for weeks now Its so good confidence regained again. good luck to all may you be dry and psa 0 . Thanks all Shane

lewvino's picture
Posts: 1010
Joined: May 2009

conrats! Next we want to hear about sex 3 days in a row!!! LOL

gumbyrun's picture
Posts: 58
Joined: Dec 2009

That's awesome. I tell you, I don;t know if every one thinks I smell like pee or just me!!!

randy_in_indy's picture
Posts: 495
Joined: Oct 2009

OH how I remember those days....Yeah...I'd just shake my head at myself...Hey here's to everyone on here not having to permanently smell like pee!

Randy hoisting one in Indy

Posts: 931
Joined: Jan 2010

Randy, I'll drink a welches grape juice to that sentiment!

shane59's picture
Posts: 86
Joined: Jan 2010

Yeh I thought it was just me .Drove by a cattle truck today and could smell pee ,guess what it was,nt me it was the truck . Yes sometimes you think the whole world can smell it, not that bad I used to spray deoderant on the pad and lower back . hopefully no more" happy days Shane59

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