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Book and message for Randy

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I've been trying to find a thread where several 0f you have mentioned a great book on prostate cancer...but can't seem to find it.
Help please?
And, Randy in Indy, your email address you gave me is bouncing.
Thanks everybody!

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One that is worth reading and comes with a DVD and is free! is the book sent out by Loma Linda Proton department. You google those 3 words together and you should come up their web site and its easy to locate the link to the free DVD and book. The book is You Can Beat Prostate Cancer by Robert Marckini.

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Thanks Trew. I will order the Loma Linda book.
I went to both Amazon and Borders and still can't find the "You Can Beat Prostate Cancer" book....??

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Try doing this: Call the Loma Linda Univeristy Medical center proton department at
800-PROTONS, tell them your situation and that you would like to get info on the proton department.

Let me know how that works for you, ok.

Loma Linda's web address:


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Sorry I screwed that up.

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Another often recommended book is - Saving Your Sex Life: A Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer by John P Mulhall. It is available on Amazon.


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Yes that is an EXCELLENT Book. Also get Dr. Patrick Walsh's guide to Prostate Cancer. Wish I would have read it earlier then after some other books that I read.


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Recommend-Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer-Second Edition
Dr Patrick Walsh

Recommend-The First Year Prostate Cancer-An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed
Chris Lukas

Recommend-Saving Your Sex Life-A guide for Men with Prostate Cancer
Dr. John Mulhall

Prostate Cancer Meet The Proton Beam-Apatient's Experience
Fuller Jones

Recommend-You Can Beat Protate Cancer and you do nto need surgery to do it
Robert J. Marckini

Recommend-Surviving Protate Cancer without Surgery-The New Gold Standard that save your life and life style
Dr Michael J. Dattoli

Conquer Prostate Cancer
Rabbi Ed Weinsberg

Recommend-Eat to Beat Prostate Cancer Cookbook

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You have it goin on!! Comprehensive list...I am copying and pasting on my prostate page with my stats and other links. Whoo hooo!

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This link is to the healingwell.com forum website and bookstore. I have already filtered it down to the books available on Prostate Cancer.

It is the most comprehensive list of books out there on Prostate Cancer;


Good Luck in your research,


60 years old when diagnosed
PSA 11/07 3.0
PSA 5/09 6.4
Diagnosis confirmed July 9, 2009
12 Needle Biopsy = 9 clear , 3 postive
Gleason Score (3+4) 7 in all positive cores
da Vinci 9/17/09
Post Surgery Pathology: GS 4+3=7
Stage: T3a
Tumor Volume 12.5%
positive margin, extra-prostatic extension
30 day PSA 0.4, 50 day psa 0.53, 64 day psa 0.6
IMRT completed 1/15/10 35 treatments- 70Gy

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You guys have made some great recommendations.
I ordered 4 books from Amazon today. Hey, maybe we should have a thread where we write book reviews?

My hubby has been reading but he doesn't like to deal with the computer much. He read a bunch of the threads last night. Relies on me to do his research, etc since I am a nurse.
But HE will be making the final decision. I'm just doing all the legwork, setting up 2nd and 3rd opinions, writing lists of questions, etc.
Thanks for all the support. God bless you all!

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We have 2 copies of "you can beat prostate cancer", and would be glad to send you one. My email is lisaspride@aol.com..(lisa harlan:) My husband is also not a big computer guy. He read this book, though, and is really excited about proton treatment. We were really opposed to radiation initially, but consider this a different approach. It's good to take a look at everything, though?? Best wishes in your quest........ralphie's wife

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THANKS! Would love to have a copy. I'll send you my address and would be happy to reimburse you cost of book and mailing. We do see the radiation oncologist next Monday. Getting second opinion this coming monday and on 3/16 getting opinion from Michael Cook at IU and he will review tissue slides prior. Hubbie had pretty much decided on DaVinci surgery now he is not so sure....decisions, decisions..Maria

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My wife is working on her CEUs and she is taking a course from Western Schools titled

"Cancer Nursing: A Solid foundation for Practice" by Ellen Carr, RN, etc.

My wife is taking this class because of me. What I got out of it was a very good reason for adminsitering the Lupron type drugs that has fnally made sense to me.

It is a nursing textbook but understanding cancer in general is helpful in understanding why prostate cancer is treated like it is. I have had a number of questions answered in a few pages.

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Very cool Trew. Great suggestion, I need to do some CEU's soon, might as well get credit for stuff I'd like to read anyway.
I got a really great book in the mail today, though it is controversial. My hubby's urologist wrote down the title today cause he wants a copy. Its called "The Big Scare: The Business of Prostate Cancer". This guy firmly believes that PC is overtreated. He had some really interesting suggestions, and some very good explanations. In parts it is pretty technical, but I'm looking forward to really delving into it. Its giving me some new perspective.

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Mrs Trew ordered the book from Western Schools. You can check them out at


My wife is picking up 25 CEUs for this course. Right now, it is a very practical course for both of us.

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Very helpful to me when diagnosed:

100 Questions & Answers about Prostate Cancer, 2nd ed. Pamela Ellsworth, MD. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett, c.2009..

Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer, 2nd ed. New York: Warner Wellness, c2007.

Be sure to check publication/copyright dates, so as to be as current as possible. I'd suppose Walsh's Guide might be getting a little stale already. Somebody sent me a book published in 1990!

John in Seattle

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