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Merkel Cell Carcinoma

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My name is Audi and I was diagnosed with Merkel Cell Carcinoma 4 years ago. At the time of diagnosis I was considered a stage III and the progrnosis looked rather bleak. I am just wondering if there are any members here with the same Cancer. Merkel Cell is also referred to as neuroendocrin carcinoma, arises from uncontrolled growth of Merkel cells in the skin. It is a rare skin cancer with an incidence of about 1500 us cases per year. The exact causes of MCC are not known. If anyone here has this type of cancer and wishes to discuss it further, please contact me. There is much information and resources available.

Thank you,

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Hi, I was diagnosed with Merkel in November of 2007. It was found at he top of my head, The Mayo surgeon removed it and gragted skin from my breast. Then I had six weeks of radiation and it healed very slowly, almost a year! I go back every 6 months now for check up and so far doing very well. Where was you cancer located and how often is hyour check ups?

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she's 76 & has a small eraser size on her inside wrist for around 3 months & now on the MCC trail. Trying to decide where to go NYC Dr. Coit or Seattle CCA, WA. w/ Dr. Nghiem. the only doc in charlotte NC. can't do surgery till May 22nd or later so seking help...advice, etc...
Congrats on being clear. Is that still the case? any advice welcome. thx.

Marilyn Haney
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My brother was diagnosed this year with metastatic merkel cell.  It is in his lymph node, pelvis and lung.  He opted not to do chemo or radiation.  He is on immunotherapy, He has had three treatments and thus far doing good

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